Live Evaluation: Drake Michaelson

Eden Prairie beat Minnetonka 6-3 in the section finals to advance to the state tournament. With only minutes remaining, Michaelson sealed the victory with an interception in the flat.

Drake Michaelson
Eden Prairie
Class 2012
Position: LB
Ht: 6'1
Weight: 205
40: 4.61
Vertical: 31
Recruiting Notes: Offers from Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota State

Michaelson has excellent speed and coverage abilities for his position. When fooled by a play fake he is still able to get to the sideline to cover his flat responsibility. On blitzes, his speed allows him to get through interior gaps without being touched by an offensive lineman. He can flow from sideline to sideline on sweeps and backside coverage on sprint outs away.

While facing isolation blocks, Michaelson shows a tendency to doge blocks or stand straight up and let the blocker into his chest. He is slow to read run at times. Michaelson missed a three tackles in the game against Minnetonka. One was a near sack against Minnetonka's quarterback in which he had the player wrapped up, but couldn't bring him to the ground.

As a blocker during two punt returns, Michaelson had a chance to hit the opposing team but did not run full speed or seek contact.

Michaelson does not jump out as a physically dominant player. He is a somewhat of a low tackler and leg grabber instead of a form tackler. However, Michaelson has the coverage ability and fluid hips to move to strong safety. When his team needed a big play, it was his interception that closed out the game.

Physical Attributes 54/65
Mental Attributes 6/10
Skills & Ability 16/25

Golden Grade: 76/100

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