Presser Quotes: Coach Jerry Kill

Jerry Kill discusses his health, recruiting, and the future of his team in his final weekly presser of the season.

Coach Kill on his team's progression this year:

"Well, I think over the last four -- I think the second half from Nebraska on, it's been a different group of kids. I think we probably helped matters by the way we practice and went good on good, and we've been pretty physical on Tuesday and Wednesday. Certainly as the last two games we've hit people a lot better than we've hit them since I've been here. We've knocked some guys back, and we haven't done that. So I think we've gotten a little bit tougher the last four games."

On winning the final game of the season:

"This is more about the seniors. This senior class has been through a whole lot through their careers here. Duane Bennett, he played as hard as he could play, he played hard on Saturday, and I want -- Kim Royston really had a good football game on Saturday. You're happy for those kids. They've been through -- just take those two kids alone, been through a lot, coaching changes, all those kind of things. If I could have a Christmas list of giving somebody a gift, I'd love to see those seniors get a win on Saturday, I really would, because they've been through a whole lot throughout the program, and I certainly would like to see that for those kids."

On offseason recruiting:

"We'll take, again, not being in a Bowl game. Can we be more thorough in recruiting? You bet. You've got more time to watch film. You're not preparing for a Bowl game and so forth, so I mean, it will certainly help us and we'll concentrate all the way to the junior class and sophomore class and we've got to get classes balanced out and et cetera."

On recruiting:

"I mean, I've coached for 29 years. Recruiting is about relationships. I've got a lot of relationships in 29 years, and that's -- your jobs are about relationships, and I think because I've been in it a long time, and Coach Miller has been in it 32 years, you rely on people you trust in recruiting when you're trying to build a program. So I feel good about what's going on in that area. Is it easy? No. Are we going to get the same recruit that USC is right now? No, but we've got to recruit what we need here at the University of Minnesota to get our program going, and I feel like we can do that."

On Troy Stoudermire possibly receiving a redshirt:

"Yep, I'm cautiously optimistic. I guess that's the best way to put it. That's the unfortunate thing. I don't get to control how quick that process goes. But in our situation, it works out good, because he's -- where we're at scholarship wise is not going to matter one way or the other. But we did help our football team, and it helps him, also. He needs another year."

On his own health:

"I know my health situation is something that can be controlled, and every once in a while something might happen, but I'm not going to let that define who I am or anything like that. I'll just keep plunging along. I'm in pretty good health; you come out to practice I can still get after people's tail end pretty good, and I'm pretty scrappy, so I think I'll be fine. I think I'll be fine. I don't think the good Lord is ready for me, believe me. I'm too ornery."

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