Nelson Recaps Minnesota Official Visit

Mankato West (Minn.) quarterback Philip Nelson has already been committed to Minnesota for almost a year. Nelson will enroll early in January for the Gophers but first had to take his official visit to his future school. caught up with Nelson to discuss his visit.

Nelson has been on campus many times during his commitment, but this past weekend was Nelson's official visit. He had a full weekend of activities at his future school.

"I really liked just getting to meet a couple of the guys down there—the players who are already playing plus the guys who are committed," he said. "Even guys who aren't committed—it would be pretty neat if they got to commit too. Being able to go the basketball game was fun. Just hanging out with all those was a great time."

Nelson has had time to form relationships with other Gopher commits and this past weekend was no different.

"Me, Mitch [Leidner], Maxx [Williams], Isaac Fruechte and all of them—we hung out together and our hosts hung out together and that was like the [Kyle and Luke] McAvoy's, Max Shortell, Tommy [Olson] and Drew Goodger. We got to meet quite a few of those guys."

Freshman lineman Tommy Olson was Nelson's host for the weekend.

"It was a great time," he said. "Me and Tommy, we've actually talked quite a bit before our weekend so I think that's mainly why he got to be my host. His senior year, we played them, when I was a junior, they actually beat us so he's got a little beef on me."

Interacting with the current players was Nelson's favorite part of the visit.

"Probably just getting to meet some of the freshmen that are there already and they just told me what life was like," he said. "That just made me really excited to get up there and start living that lifestyle."

Along with current commits and players, Nelson took the opportunity to try and recruit new prospects to the team.

"Oh yea, we were sticking with them a lot of the time too," he said of the non-committed recruits. "When we went out to the basketball game we were trying to get them really interested, which I think they really are, but I don't think they've been offered yet. But I know that Coach Kill and all those guys are looking to do that pretty soon here."

With it being his official visit, Nelson got more time to spend meeting with his future coaches.

"I spent a lot of one-on-one time with Coach Z," he said. "We each got a meeting with Kill—it was a good time. Coach Kill came and visited at my home last week so there wasn't much new that need to be said but it was great to talk with him for a little bit before our official visit was over."

Along with football-related activities, Nelson learned something new about the academics of Minnesota.

"I actually didn't know they had an underground tunnel system while walking from class to class so that was a big surprise to me," he said. "Because I'm enrolling in January I kind of got my living situation figured out and I got to meet the tutors for school and where I'm going to be—where my study time is and all that stuff. That's kind of the non-football stuff I got to learn about."

Nelson can't wait to get on campus in a month and start getting to work.

"Aw man, it'll be great. I'll get to start lifting with Coach Kline and all that stuff. Being from Mankato, I have to drive up to the cities to find a dome to throw under during the winter so it'll be great to have my own facility up there that us and some of the guys can throw in whenever we want so that'll be great."

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