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Darius Jackson, the multi-talented athlete from Sparta (Ill.) recently took a visit to Minnesota. GoldenSports.net caught up with the 6-foot, 194-pounder to get the latest on his recruitment and his interest in the Golden Gophers.

Dariuss Jackson did it all for his Sparta Illinois team this last season. So much so that he barely took a play off.

"I play quarterback in the spread and running back most of the time and safety on defense," he explained. "I play more running back than quarterback, I just play quarterback on the spread set. I might come off for a play to get a water break then its right back on (the field)."

With so much talent on both sides of the ball Jackson has drawn interest for both of his main high school positions.

"Gophers as a safety and a few schools at running back so it's kinda a mix," he said.

Jackson recently visited Minnesota and is also drawing interest from a variety of schools.

"I just went up to Minnesota," he said. "Coach Anderson, my recruiter, called me to talk about a visit and (him) coming down here to visit my family and I. Northern Illinois called me recently. Eastern Michigan there coming to my house and they're looking at me as a running back. Central Michigan, they just offered me and they're looking at me as a d-back. And then Mizzou, Northwestern and Oklahoma State are all interested."

To go along with the interest, Jackson also has a few offers.

"So far its Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, and Northern Illinois. And Minnesota possibly this week or next week," he said. "It's kind of a thing where they're interviewing six safeties basically and they're offering three. I had a lot of one-on-one talks with Coach Kill this weekend. I mean it's looking good but it's not official yet—we'll see."

Sometimes when players have offers at multiple positions, which school offers at what position plays a key role in the decision making process but that is not the case for Jackson.

"I love both positions so it's just whatever school I like the most," he said. "I'm a student of the game so I'm gonna try to be the best player at the position they want me at. So it kinda just depends on the school."

If position is not a factor for Jackson, what is?

"I like the bigger schools," he said. "I love them all. Northern Illinois was the first to contact me so I like Northern Illinois. Minnesota, I mean my visit up there was pretty awesome and I've always been interested in Oklahoma State. I have great interest in them.

"I took a visit to Texas A&M last year and I liked the facilities and the team and the area down there and I have great interest in them. I'm just getting to know Eastern Michigan pretty well. Minnesota, Northern Illinois and Oklahoma State are probably the three right now."

Jackson had one surprise on his Minnesota visit.

"I didn't expect that much snow. I expected it to snow for a bit then stop but it went for a few hours." Jackson said of the four inches that carpeted Minneapolis.

With his senior season completed, Jackson plans to take a handful of visits on top of the Minnesota visit.

"I'll go on maybe two or three more visits," he said.

Would a Minnesota offer change that?

"Uh yeah, it would," Jackson said. "It would, it just depends on the other schools. Like Oklahoma State or Mizzou would (offer), it'd be a little different but I'm really liking Minnesota right now."

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