Timms Commits to Minnesota

Fort Walton Beach (Fla.) DT Yoshoub Timms gave his commitment to Jerry Kill on Sunday. The talented lineman spoke with GoldenSports.net about his visit to Minnesota and his future as a Gopher.

Fort Walton Beach defensive tackle Yoshoub Timms is the latest player to give a verbal pledge to Jerry Kill and the Gophers. The 6-foot-2, 268-pounder took a visit to Minnesota this weekend and came away impressed.

"I went to Minnesota Thursday," he said. "They wanted to me to come up on a trip on Thursday so they picked me up from the airport. I got there and went to the Mall of America, the biggest mall in the nation or whatever. After that we toured the campus and everything was amazing, it's strictly jaw-dropping.

"I loved every bit of it. The city is nice. They're one of a few cities that has the four major sports like the NFL, the NBA, hockey and baseball. The city is big, nice, a whole bunch of people. Pretty much everything I dreamed of going to college for, and going to college to play football, is what they have."

Following his visit to Minnesota, Timms took a trip to Northern Illinois, another school that was recruiting the talented lineman.

"I went to NIU, the reason I went there is because my family is from Chicago," he said. "I really didn't want to go to NIU but my family is from Chicago so I had to give it try—it'd be close to home. I actually fell in love with Minnesota more than anything."

As former Northern Illinois coaches, the Minnesota staff waited to offer Timms until after his other visit.

"They were talking about offering me the whole time," he said. "It was either the coaches come down and see me or me go up there and see them. When I went on the visit, they were going to offer or whatever but some of the coaches were gone. They had to get together as a staff and talk and have a meeting and to see if they were going to offer me or not.

"When I went to NIU after that, they didn't want to offer me when I was at NIU, so they waited until Sunday when I got home. The coaches there at Minnesota used to coach at NIU like a year or so ago before they went to Minnesota. They didn't think it was right to offer me while I'm on other trip so they waited until today to offer me. The head coach called and offered me a full ride. He said he'd love to have me and he can't wait until I come up there and get to work."

Jerry Kill was glad to hear the news that Timms wanted to commit.

"He rejoiced, he was happy. I tried not to be overanxious but I was. When he told me, I was happy—I kind of let out a silent scream in my head. I didn't want to scream in his ear or anything. I was happy because Minnesota is like a dream school.

"He was happy. He was more than happy to have me go to school there. He loved me when he came down here. When he came down here it was pretty much like a big interview. The visit was like a big interview to see how I reacted and how my personality was. He said he loved me."

His combination of size and speed would make any coach happy to have Timms as a part of their team.

"I'm big," he said. "People think because I'm big I'm not that fast but they're shocked to see how fast I am. I can play outside because I have a great pass rush and enough speed to get around the edge. I have a great get-off. I can play inside because I'm big enough and I can stop the run. I'm big, powerful. My main attributes are being so powerful and fast at the same time."

The coaching staff has big plans for Timms in the future.

"They honestly said that they wanted me to come in as a freshman and try and get some playing time," he said. "I wanted to redshirt my first year to let me body mature, bulk up, and gain 20 to 30 more pounds. It's a great chance for me to come in an play as a freshman—getting after it. We'll see how it turns out."

Kill and the other coaches were what stood out to Timms who had offers from Syracuse, FAU, Troy, UCF, and Southern Miss.

"I would say, probably, the coaching staff," said Timms when asked what set Minnesota apart. "Besides that, you have everything to do there. There's nothing that you cannot do in Minnesota. Everything you have up there in that big city. The city stuck out to me most more than anything. I could see myself living there for the next four or five years."

After giving his commitment, Timms will now sign with Minnesota on Wednesday when the signing period opens.

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