Birk Olson Talks Gopher Visit

One intriguing athlete who attended Minnesota's Junior Day is Monticello (Minn.) athlete Birk Olson. caught up with Olson to discuss his visit.

At 6-foot-4 and 240 pounds, Olson is a versatile athlete who has played multiple positions in high school. On offense he plays fullback in an option oriented offense while on defense he recently switched to defensive end from linebacker. While he now plays defensive end, most schools currently interested are looking at Olson as a linebacker.

"I'm being recruited mostly at linebacker I'd say," he said.

Olson is a hard worker in the classroom and that shows with what schools are showing interest.

"I'm hearing from the U, pretty much the entire Ivy league schools, and North Dakota State," he said. "I don't have any offers yet but I haven't taken my standardized tests yet and most of the Ivy League schools aren't allowed to offer me anything until that's taken care of."

Olson is used as a more of a blocking back offensively.

"Running wise I'm more of a power guy, running between the tackles is what I do best," he said. "I do a lot of blocking. It's mostly pass-blocking that I do. I don't do a lot of run-blocking in our scheme. That's probably my biggest strength offensively."

On defense, Olson uses his athleticism as a pass rusher.

"We don't do a lot of pass rushing in our scheme so I'm more of a stand my ground type of guy. In passing situations at defensive end I'm more of a speed guy, more finesse moves on the edge."

Besides what he brings as a player, Olson feels he has other valuable skills that he brings to a team.

"First I'd say off the field I'm really committed to training and my workouts," he said. "I do upwards of ten hours per week training with my football team doing various schemes and things like that. On the field I was selected as a captain for my senior year so I'd say that I have pretty good leadership skills. Playing wise, I'd say I'm pretty relentless, on offense and defense I go to the whistle."

While going to a school in the Ivy League would be a great opportunity for Olson who touts a 3.99 GPA there is one school in particular that dreamed of playing for.

"I've always been from Minnesota so I've always rooted for the Gophers," he said. "I've really followed them the last couple years. I went to pretty much all of their home games this past year. The Gophers are the only college team I've really been a big fan of. They're definitely my number one right now. If they were to offer I'd go there in a heartbeat. I can't imagine any school I'd rather go to."

Olson recently attended the Gophers' Junior Day, a visit that he enjoyed.

"It was really cool," he said. I got to see the stadium and talk to some coaches. It was good. I've been around there before so there wasn't too much new stuff. I got to meet my position coach, Coach Reeves. I talked to Coach Poore who I've been in contact with before my visit."

Olson enjoyed many aspects of the visit but there was one thing that stood out for him. "I really liked the new jerseys and equipment they had. That was cool, I hadn't seen that before. The locker room was pretty cool. Coach Kill's speech was really good. That was probably my favorite part."

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