An Early Look at Mitch Leidner

Freshman quarterback Mitch Leidner has already had a strong spring. Despite a slow spring game, Leidner is already showing great promise for the future.

The Maroon and Gold spring game was more of a defensive back clinic than a showcase of the two homegrown, early graduate quarterbacks, Philip Nelson and Mitch Leidner. While Nelson went 0-6 and took three sacks, Leidner wasn't on the field enough to make a dent in the stat book. Leidner went 0-2 for the game.

On his first pass, he missed on a seam route that may have been open for a second before the defensive back closed in. On his other pass, he appeared to recognize press coverage from the left corner and threw a fade route up for grabs. The corner dominated the receiver out of bounds and the ball dropped onto the unsuspecting turf.

As a physical specimen (6-foot-4, 230 pound), Leidner looks like he is ready for the NFL draft. Although there was no contact on quarterbacks, he does have nice quickness and would be a load to bring down. He seemed to have a grasp on the mesh points in the running game.

As a passer, there is not enough data to draw any conclusions on how fast he is progressing unless you are one of the coaches who works with him every day. However, so far he and Nelson can be summarized in one word: freshmen.

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