Hayes Watching and Learning

Gopher signee Isaac Hayes was able to attended some spring practices and got a chance to watch his future coaches and teammates prepare for the upcoming season.

How was it being around the team and future teammates?
"It's great just getting to know some of the guys and seeing how practices are run."

Have you picked anything up from watching and listening to Limegrover run the offense and do OL drills?
"Yeah just some concept and footwork stuff that made me think about my technique this past season and how I am able to get better once I'm at the U."

Have the coaches talked to you about a position yet?
"They told me I will be playing center."

When you were there I saw you guys hanging out with the Mayes brothers. What were you telling them about Minnesota?
"Yeah we were just talking to them about Minnesota and answering any questions that they had about the state and university like things to do in free time and stuff like that."

Did you get the sense they were enjoying the visit?
"Yeah I felt like they liked it a lot."

How's the offseason going?
"It's going pretty good. I'm actually on Coach Klein's strength and conditioning program so I've just been doing the running and lifting that is on there."

"What is your weight up to?
"It's at 290 pounds."

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