Thompson Holds Three Offers

Valencia (Calif.) defensive back Tedric Thompson currently holds three scholarship offers and has had a number of schools making in school visits to him this spring. was able to catch up with Thompson and get the latest on his recruitment.

"UNLV, Minnesota and Colorado have all offered me so far," Thompson said. "The Cincinnati coach stopped in today and he said he's going to give me an offer but he has to run it by the rest of the coaches so it's not an official offer yet. The Washington State coaches also stopped in today and Arizona State coaches have talked to me but those are about all the schools that have been talking to me."

Gophers defensive backs coach Sawvel was another coach who paid Thompson a visit today and was able to see the talented defensive back in action at practice. While he was there, Sawvel was able to tell Thompson how he envisions him being utilized at multiple positions.

"He just talked to me about my size and he came and watched me at practice and said that I looked good in practice," Thompson said. "He was saying that I could play a lot of different positions at Minnesota and he was really excited and wants me to come on an official visit to see more of the campus."

Thompson has strong connections to Minnesota where his brother Cedric and former teammate Brock Vereen currently play. Thompson says he leans heavily on his brother for advice on his recruitment and to not just choose Minnesota just because he plays there.

"My brother has been helping me every time I get an offer or talk to coaches he's the first person I talk to and he keeps telling me the same thing to make the right decision and don't just come here because of us," Thompson said. "I would love to play with my brother it's been a big dream for us."

When looking at prospective schools, Thompson has a few criteria in mind.

"I've just been looking for what I'd like to major in like sports medicine and stuff like that and law, like being a cop, stuff like that academically," Thompson said. "I'd also like to go to a school that will go to a bowl game."

When it comes to picking a school, don't expect a decision in the near future. Right now Thompson says all of the schools are equal and he'd like to make some official visits before making a decision.

"I don't have a top school right now, I'm just so blessed that I have so many schools talking to me so I don't have any top schools," he said. "I'd just like to thank God, my mom, my sisters and everybody for their support. I want to wait and take some official visits because the only school I've seen so far is Minnesota so I want to wait and see other colleges before making a decision."

As a player many coaches have been telling Thompson that he is very versatile, and that they can envision him lining up at multiple positions. This is fine with Thompson, who feels he can play wherever a coach wants him to play.

"A lot of coaches tell me I'm very versatile like I can play off and play deep and I think I can play wherever a coach wants me to play," he said.

Thompson, who plays both wide receiver and defensive back, plans on working on his ability to break on balls while on the defensive side of the ball. While on the offense he wants to work more on his blocking and route running skills.

"On defense I want to work on my route running and on offense I want to work on my blocking and on my route running some more," Thompson said.

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