Egwuagu Hoping For More Offers

Austin (Texas) John B Connally linebacker Michael Egwuagu is hoping to land more offers.

How's recruiting going for you?
"It's going pretty good. I've been talking to a lot of different D-I colleges, some D-II here and there, but the offers aren't to where I think they should be, or to my liking."

Have you talked at all with the Minnesota coaches?
"I have. We've talked on the phone and the coach came down and watched me practice during spring. They said they are very interested."

What do you know about the Golden Gopher program?
"Well I don't know very much about them other then what I see on like TV and things like that, but I know they're a big D-I school so automatically I'm interested in talking to coaches more and everything. I'll find out more information."

What coach is recruiting you from Minnesota?
"It's coach Pat Poore."

How's your relationship with Coach Poore?
"Well. I'm actually going to call him later today, but its not very close or anything."

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