Tusler Camps at Minnesota

Osseo (Minn.) RB Bridgeport Tusler is hoping to land a Gopher offer after competing in a Minnesota one-day camp on Sunday.

So how did the Minnesota camp go today?
"Everything went great."

Did you learn anything from working with the coaches?
"Yeah, I learned on my pass blocking fundamentals and I'm always learning on my back pedal. I enjoy anything that I can improve by just getting stronger."

Did it sound like you will hear back from the Gopher coaches this week regarding an offer?
"Yeah, that's what coach has been saying and I should hear back from the coaches before Wednesday so I know if I should come to another camp or not."

If you do get a Gopher offer, do you think you would commit on the spot?
"I would wait but only for a little bit, because I don't believe in decommitting and just to see if the offer makes any one else more interested. But I wouldn't wait longer than a couple of weeks. More than likely, if Minnesota gave an offer I would go there."

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