Jerry Kill Gives Rough Depth Chart for Opener

On Saturday, Jerry kill addressed the media and gave an idea of what the depth could look like come Thursday.

Head coach Jerry Kill addresses a rough depth chart for Minnesota's opener:

Offensive Line
"I think, you know, again, we feel in the offensive line, you know, we've got ten guys in there. You know, [Ed] Olson's at left tackle. Younger [Tommy] Olson is there at the guard. The center is between [Zach] Mottla and [Zac]Epping, what we're going to do there. And right now we're going to run Mottla today with the one. Epping will be with the ones at guard and Campion will be with the ones. [Foster] Bush will be [Josh] Campion's backup. Bush is in there battling with Mottla what we would do in that situation. Jon Christenson will travel and Joe Bjorklund. So that kind of Mottla and Epping we've kind of been switching those guys in and out of there."

Running Back
"Running back, the pool of running backs that we'll work with today with a lot of reps will be because we could be in some 20 personnel is [Donnell] Kirkwood, [James] Gillum and [K.J.] Maye and [Devon] Wright. There's some combinations that we'll use in those groupings."

Wide Receiver
"Certainly receiver, we're working with a pool of kids, you take [A.J] Barker has really emerged and had a good camp. It's the first time he's been healthy since I've been here. He's a good athlete. Tufts, we knew he could do some things and he's continued to improve. [Marcus] Jones is coming off major surgery and he's played receiver and he's much more experienced going into this season than he was a year ago. You know, [Brandon]Green has had some knee issues. He's practiced, but we're trying to get him healthy.

"And then probably the thing that's been exciting for us is [Jamel] Harbison, young man from North Carolina, true freshman, has had an outstanding camp and he can go get a football. Isaac Fruechte, coming off the spring, his improvement in the fall camp has been very good. [Andre] McDonald has done some very, very good things; and Hutton has stepped up his game. So we've got a pool of seven, eight kids there."

Tight End
"Tight end, I think if we're in a tight end, [John] Rabe and [Drew]Goodger, our H, and [Alex] Bisch has done a good job and could be a backup for Rabe right now and Henry can work in as the H back. That's kind of where we're kind of at offensively."

"[Troy] Stoudermire and [Michael] Carter at the corners, but they've you've got [Martez] Shabazz will have his role, [Jeremy] Baltazar, [Eric] Murray and [Briean] Boddy will have their role according to what package they're in. So we've got some depth, they're young and inexperienced, but we feel good about the speed. And then up front I think pretty much what you've seen at camp in the linebacker."

"I think you take Keanon [Cooper] and James [Manuel], and you got [Mike] Rallis and [Aaron] Hill and [Spencer] Reeves and [Lamonte] Edwards, those guys are very interchangeable. And again, they'll all, as we talked today, again, you don't know how many snaps you're going to be getting on defense. You hope not very many. But in a game where you're getting a lot, or somebody's no-huddled, you have to stay fresh."

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