Gopher Connections

Connections can go a far way in recruiting and Minnesota has more then plenty of them with Chicago (IL.) Mount Carmel junior tackle Jack White. Find out what he had to say about Minnesota, those connections and much more inside.

At 6-3, 290-pounds, Chicago (IL.) Mount Carmel junior offensive tackle Jack White is pretty hard to miss. However, this past season was a learning year for him by being on varsity and not starting. That didn't stop him as his team went on to win a state championship and with that success he has seen his recruitment start to pick up.

"My recruitment is going pretty good," White told GopherDigest. "I had a little visit to Western Michigan and got invited to Central Michigan and Indiana State camps. I have been talking to Northwestern, Iowa, Wyoming and a couple other schools during weight training."

A school that wasn't on his radar was Minnesota, but that all changed from a chat with Gopher commit, Van Alstyne (TX.) center Connor Mayes and he talks about the trek he will now be making to Minneapolis this month for camp.

"I just recently started the contact between Minnesota because my cousin is Connor Mayes and I just spent the whole week with him in Texas, so I got my fill of Minnesota," said White. "I wasn't really planning on camping at Minnesota until like two weeks ago when we started talking about it and then they invited me, so Minnesota will be my last camp of the summer. I will be there on July 21st for sure. I want to let them know where I come from and will be ready to knock some heads off."

White is also cousins with current Minnesota freshmen offensive linemen, Alex Mayes and is teammates with Minnesota commit, defensive tackle Steven Richardson, so does having all these connections give the Gophers an edge in his recruitment?

"I have connections with Steven, Connor and Alex," said White. "I am really good friends with Steven and he wants me to go there along with Connor and Alex. I am pretty interested in Minnesota, but didn't think about them at all until the last couple of weeks. I am going to try to do what I got to do and get an offer from there. They all want me to go there and do great things."

"I don't really know that much about Minnesota, but I like their football stadium and facilities. I want to get a better look at it when I visit up there for the camp. Minnesota is kind of where I want to be."

What would it mean to the under the radar offensive tackle, if a Minnesota offer came his way and could Gopher fans possibly have one of the most family oriented offensive lines down the road?

"That is going to mean a lot if I got a Minnesota offer," said White. "It will be a big deal and would mean a lot more because I really want to play with my cousins and Steven. I rather go to Minnesota than any other school."

"I have been really good friends with Steven since my freshmen year. He wants me to do good this season and do well in recruiting to get some offers. He wants me to go to Minnesota and get that offer. Connor and Alex want to start a family thing. They want me to come there and have the right side of the line with me as the tackle, Alex at guard and Connor at center. Kind of start a little family tradition."

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