Palumbo Hopes Minnesota Comes Knockin'

Minnesota saw an unknown prospect in Highlands Ranch (CO.) Mountain Visita wide out Rocco Palumbo at camp and soon after became a target on their board. He talks about his Minnesota interest, his game and what a offer from the Gophers would mean to him.

A player that has been flying under the radar is Highlands Ranch (CO.) Mountain Visita wide receiver Rocco Palumbo. He has been traveling around the nation trying to get name out and this summer he has went camping at Tulsa, Colorado, Colorado State, South Dakota State, Harvard and Minnesota. What camp did he feel he came up the biggest and felt he left his mark at?

"Minnesota was my best and favorite camp because there were only like five receivers there, so I got a lot of reps and a lot of good work in," Palumbo told GopherDigest. "I played also my best football there, so I feel like I was standing out and I got to talk to Wide Receiver Coach Pat Poore afterwards. He told me that they had me on their recruiting board and I'm actually higher than I thought leaving the camp. They told me to keep working hard and send them film. I am being recruited by him. I am not at the very top of their board, but you never know what could happen."

"I loved Minnesota. I loved how the campus is in the city and I liked the stadium. They are in the Big Ten, which mean they play good teams and it was my favorite camp by far. I also really like the coaching staff and I think I am the type of receiver that Coach Poore looks for."

The 6-2, 185-pound skilled playmaker doesn't hold any offers at this point, but has Harvard and Minnesota as the top schools for him. How much would a Gopher offer change the outlook of his recruitment if he received one?

"I would be super excited," said Palumbo. "That would definitely be a dream come true and I would be so happy to get an offer from Minnesota. That offer would open the door on other places probably, but I wouldn't be interested in other places. I feel like Minnesota would be a really good place for me to fit in. I mean if I got a Minnesota offer, I would probably commit on the spot."

Palumbo is looking ahead to his upcoming final season and knows that there is a lot to be excited about. He talks about his own game by breaking down what makes him such a hard matchup and where he learned his craft of route running.

"We got a lot better team than last year and I really love our football team this year," said Palumbo. "We are returning a lot of guys and we got a stud running back, so I'm excited about the team this year and feel we will do really well."

"My game is mainly great route running because my offensive coordinator, who has been my coach since I was young and he played quarterback in the NFL. He knows the ins and outs of route running and has worked with me. He has been preparing me since I was young, so I excel a lot better than most at route running. My height and vertical are also advantages. I am physical and strong, so if there is a jump ball and a small corner is on me, I take advantage with my size. I just try to lead by example and try to be a leader on and off the field This off-season I am working on my speed and strength."

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