Injury Breakdown: Week 2

We take a look at the current injury situation for Minnesota and see what type of impact it will have in the current and future weeks

Here is a breakdown of the injuries currently on Minnesota's Football Roster and what effect it could have in this week's matchup against New Mexico State and against future opponents:

LT Ed Olson: After being listed as the backup in week one and missing a good chunk of camp, Olson is listed as unavailable for this week's matchup against the Aggies of New Mexico State. While Olson is the most veteran player along the offensive line, last year's backup and week one starter Marek Lenkiewicz has performed well when called upon and there was question as to whether Olson would be able to hold onto his spot before injuries slowed him and Lenkiewicz became the de facto starter. Where this injury could become crucial is if something were to happen to Lenkiewicz. Behind Lenkiewicz on the depth chart this week is redshirt freshman Ben Lauer, who has yet to see a snap at the collegiate level. While Lauer has been the recipient of much praise from the coaching staff and New Mexico State's defensive line doesn't exactly strike fear into opponents, it would certainly be a cause for concern if Lauer was forced to play in a close game.

RB Donnell Kirkwood and Berkley Edwards: While Kirkwood is listed as questionable it seems as though the staff has prepared as though he will be unavailable. I have seen Kirkwood on campus a couple of times and he did not appear to have much/any limp so this may be more precautionary as the staff is likely confident the squad can handle New Mexico State without Kirkwood. Another RB listed on the injury report is freshman speedster Berkley Edwards who was also out for last week's opener against UNLV with an ankle sprain. While it doesn't seem to be serious, I like that staff is playing it safe with the true freshman. Without Edwards and seemingly without Kirkwood, the Gophers are thin at RB with just two realistic options. If Cobb or Williams Jr goes down this weekend the Gophers could be in serious trouble offensively.

LB Nick Rallis: While Rallis is more of a depth guy at this point in the season, the redshirt freshman was the backup at OLB which was an already thin position. Stepping into Rallis' backup role is Dominic Schultz. While Schultz has received a bit of hype from the coaching staff in the past his primary contribution to the team has been on special teams. This injury could potentially lead to Aaron Hill having to play more than the staff would like him to in a game that will likely be fairly hot and in a high elevation.

TE Alex Bisch: This is the injury least likely to have an impact on the Gophers as Bisch is a depth guy at this point. The Gophers have a ton of talent at TE and Bisch found himself looking up at a few guys on the depth chart.

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