Vereen- "It was frustrating" vs. Michigan

Minnesota safety Brock Vereen talks postgame about Coach Kill, not being able to get off the field on third down, giving up an early touchdown, covering Michigan tight end/wide receiver Devin Funchess and much more

Thoughts on Coach Kill not being there

Brock Vereen- "He wasn't on the flight with us, so we were already mentally preparing, but you know it was business as usual. Him not being here did not effect us."

How did you feel about this game and giving up that early touchdown?

Vereen- "It was frustrating. When you lose a game when you play your best, there is nothing to hang your head on, but that wasn't the case. There is frustration, but we got to go back and watch the film."

Devin Funchess looked like one of those guys hard to stop

Vereen- "Right, he is a heck of a athlete. He is probably better than we thought he was, but he is a heck of an athlete and will be a great player."

How was it to deal with a different offense this week against Michigan compared to Iowa last week?

Vereen- "Anytime you are dealing with a dual-threat quarterback, especially one with his athletic ability, gameplans change. We have to adjust and there is plenty of athletic quarterbacks in the Big Ten, so we need to figure it out."

Third down is looked like it haunt you guys all game

Vereen- "Dominating first and second down means nothing if they execute better than you on third down. Third down needs to be a priority and we have to do better."

Do you think the bye week comes at a good time?

Vereen- "We are banged up, so overall I think it will help. Mentally coming off a loss, it is a longer bye week, but we need to rest up and focus up and get back to playing again."

After being on the field with Michigan, what do you think of them?

Vereen- "They don't hurt themselves. anytime you plan a team that plays the game like they just had, they don't make very many mistakes. They didn't self inflict any wounds, it is hard to beat a team like that."

Given the uncommon history of everything that team has gone through, it is like more normal for you?

Vereen- "I think we have went over so much in these last two seasons. Thanks to our coaching staff able to adapt to any type of scenario, I don't think a lot of things expect us anymore as far as situations like that."

Playing for Jerry Kill

Vereen- "Evening not being here, he instantly inspires us so much. He is going through so much and we know deep down he wants to be here more than anything. It is hurting him not to be here and that is motivation to play harder. Unfortunately, we don't get to bring that jug back to him. "

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