Williams: "Try To Make Plays"

Minnesota freshman tight end Maxx Williams was one of the bright spots for the Gophers in a blowout loss to Michigan. He talks about the absence of Coach Kill, Leidner starting, getting the ball more and much more

Coach Kill not coaching

Maxx Williams- "I don't think this changed anything and we know coach is going through personal things. We all know about it, so it doesn't really effect us. We go in here on a business trip and trying to win the game."

This is the first time Coach Kill has missed the game, does that have any concern on you guys at all?

Williams- "No, I don't think it does. Coach has got to get better and I know he will work through it. He is a tough guy and will not effect any of the team and we will go into tomorrow watching the film and get everything fixed. We will go out like normal, heal up and get ready for the next game."

You guys had a fumble on the first drive and they scored, so how did you gather yourselves?

Williams- "Things happen and you have to go out there. Next time the offense gets the ball and try to make plays. you have to forget about what happened the drive before and have a next play mentality. Go out there and make plays next time we got the ball."

Do you think you are getting targeted a little more compared to the past weeks?

Williams- "I just do what the coaches ask and they said more plays for me to get open. I go out there and try to do my best. I try to make plays for the quarterback and Mitch played a heck of game. Guess he wanted to throw me the ball tonight."

Do you think Mitch Leidner throws you the ball more than Nelson?

Williams- "I don't think it really matters. It is just more about what plays we run and how they are covering us like if I am open or not. I don't think it really matters who is in at quarterback."

When did you find out that Coach Kill wasn't going to coach the game?

Williams- "I found out when I got to the stadium. That is when I heard it first."

Who told you and what was the reaction?

Williams- "Coach Claeys told the team and he said hey we know what is going on and it doesn't change anything. It is still a business trip and we have to get after it to win the game."

Can you talk about when you found out that Leidner was starting and how might have changed the week of preparation for everybody?

Williams- "I don't think what quarterback is in the game matters. We like them both and they are both good players. We both know they get the job done and Mitch went out there and really played out of his mind. I mean making plays and running the ball. He had that one fumble, but he didn't see it coming. It doesn't matter if Phil or Mitch is in, we feel confident in all of them."

Did you have a conversation with Mitch being roommates?

Williams- "I didn't even know who was starting the game until we actually went out there. When I saw Mitch went in, I was like it is just a game and he is just a quarterback and we have to get after them."

What was he like at home and getting ready for these games?

Williams- "Mitch is always prepared to play and Mitch is a major competitor. When he got that ball and he got ready to play, you know he is going to try to go out there and make plays to the best of his abilities he can and that is what he did."

Did you tweak an ankle because you were getting taped up at one point? Did it effect you at all?

Williams- "No, I got my ankle stepped on, but it didn't effect me at all. I had to get it wrapped a little tighter and go out real quick."

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