Minnesota Makes Strong Push For Sykes

Spring (TX.) senior defensive back Willie Sykes made the trek up North to Minnesota and felt loving his time there. Find out where things stand now with the Gophers and Sykes along with if a decision is looming? All that and more inside!

The Gophers improved to 3-1 after defeating San Jose State with a weather delay to throw in the mix. Despite the slow start and lousy weather, it didn’t damper Spring (TX.) senior cornerback Willie Sykes official visit to Minneapolis at all. He recaps his whole experience and the highlight of his trip as well.

“It was excellent and great,” Sykes told GopherDigest. “I loved it. Everything was great and I had the time of my life. I got to see the campus, got a stadium tour, got to meet some of the players and got to chill with one of them. I got to sit in the meetings for the game. I got to do a lot and I had a great time. I appreciate the hospitality they showed and got to see a lot of fans. I talked to everybody, Coach Sawvel, Coach Kill, the defensive coordinator and everybody. They were all telling me how great of a need for defensive backs because they are losing a lot of guys and told me that they like me and want me.”

“My favorite part was probably meeting everybody and everybody treating me like family. Touring the stadium was great and the locker room. It is big and beautiful. They have a lot of great things.”

This was the first official visit for the Lone Star State lockdown 5-11, 170-pound corner, so did the visit succeed his expectations?

“Definitely the visit did,” said Sykes. “I didn’t know what to expect and kind of went in open minded because I have never been up North to any state. It was a great time and it definitely succeeded my expectations.”

“Definitely a couple different times I thought about committing. I almost wanted to tell them like yeah I commit here, but I kind of held that back and tried to give everybody else a chance. I haven’t seen Purdue or Oregon State and I don’t want to miss any opportunities because I didn’t take my time with my recruitment.”

Sykes still has a top three of Minnesota, Purdue and Oregon State at this point in his recruitment and while he thought of pulling the trigger during his Gopher visit, he still wants to wait on things and make sure he finds that perfect fit.

“I would still say everything is the same right now in my recruitment,” said Sykes. “Obviously Minnesota is making a strong push just because I had a great time and visit there. The thing that is really driving me and pushing me towards Minnesota is my relationship with Coach Sawvel. We have a close relationship and they are so cool and treat me like a son. I like them a lot, but I don’t want to cut anybody else out because I also have good relationships with the defensive backs coaches at Purdue and Oregon State. I want to go see those two schools and with this being my first visit, I don’t want to be bias towards that when I see the other places.”

“I have no idea when I will commit. I have no timeline for that at all. It was initially late August, but we are way past that now, so whenever I feel it is the best time to make my decision, then that is when I will make it. If that is tomorrow, next week, next month or whenever it is."

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