By The Numbers

GopherDigest takes a look at Minnesota's big road victory over Nebraska by the numbers


Probably the most important number on the list that came from the aftermath of the game. The Gophers still control their own destiny and are only one game away from playing in Indy for the Big Ten Championship against Ohio State.


The amount of points scored by Nebraska in the second half. In the first half, the Cornhuskers put up 21 points. However, one of those touchdowns came from a block field goal return. This defense really stepped up to the plate and it also helped to defend Nebraska after they lost their starting center and two starting wide receivers in the first half.


Here is your stat of the day, Gopher fans. Under Jerry Kill, Minnesota is 11-0 all time when it commits zero turnovers. That was one of my key factors in the preview was if the Gophers could win the turnover battle and they did just that as the Cornhuskers coughed up the ball twice. They did not turn the ball over once and ended up being pivotal in securing this victory.


In a tightly matched game like this one, every flag can greatly impact the outcome. The Gophers were very disciplined on a hostile environment and only had 15 yards in penalty yards. One flag all day is huge and it means Minnesota didn’t shoot themselves in the foot, which I give a lot of credit to the players and the coaches.


Minnesota’s offense was continuously moving the ball especially in the second half and moved the chains 23 times against that Cornhusker defense.


Minnesota ran the ball effectively all day. The catalyst of the running attack was not senior tailback David Cobb, who left in the second half due to a hamstring injury, but was sophomore quarterback Mitch Leidner. The big 6-4, 237-pound quarterback had a lot of zone reads and he correctly read the option for some big gains. The Gophers success in the backfield came from a committee behind not Cobb, Williams and Kirkwood.

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