Richard Pitino's Postgame Comments

Minnesota Head Coach Richard Pitino gives his thoughts following their loss to Michigan 62-57

Opening Statement from Minnesota Head Coach Richard Pitino: "This game we made inexplicable turnovers. Give them credit, obviously we knew it was going to be difficult."

Question- Talk the the similarities between this game and the Purdue game

Coach Pitino- "No, similarities. I think those turnovers were inexplicable and I don’t think we did that at Purdue. We didn’t allow ourselves to win the game."

Question- Can you pin point why the team was throwing out of bounds passes today?

Coach Pitino- "No, to be honest I can’t. I am not trying to be short. I can’t and we don’t do that too often. You will not beat anybody home, road, neutral if you do that."

Question- Talk about the job Ricky Doyle did on Mo Walker

Coach Pitino- "He did a good job, but they were also trapping, so whoever the guy trapping as well. He is good and I like him. He is going to be a good player. They are so good at evaluating talent and he is going to be a very good player."

Question- What did you tell the team after this 0-4 start and you got a couple home games coming up.

Coach Pitino- "It is between us and the team."

Question- Michigan threw a couple different zones at you and what did you see from those?

Coach Pitino- “They threw the 2-3 zone, which wasn’t effective, we got an open look on it. In their 1-3-1, I thought we were getting some good looks. Joey (King) had a couple open looks in the corner, Mo (Walker) had a open one he dropped. You can’t win playing anybody like that on the offensive side of the ball and turn the ball over like that. You just can’t. I thought we played hard, I thought we had a great attitude and a great will to win, but it is very simple. If you turn the ball over like that, then there is nothing you can do."

Question- Do you see that as a result of frustration from a few rough games in a row?

Coach Pitino- "Not really. I just think there were turnovers. Maybe. I don’t know. I can’t explain much of it. I know you are looking for an answer, but I got no answers."

Question- Deandre sat a little at the end of the first half and banged up, did that affect him in the second half at all?

Coach Pitino- "No, I don’t think so. I just don’t think he played a great game. I don’t think it was an injury. I thought our guys really did compete. We were plus six on the glass. I thought we guarded the three well. I thought they gave great effort and I thought they executed what we wanted to defensively pretty well. You just don’t win games when you do those turnovers. Hopefully it is one of those nights that we just rebound from it. It is not really a complex thing to figure out, you throw the ball away like that, you are not going to win. It doesn’t matter."

Question- Did Michigan’s zone in anyway cause any of those turnovers. I know they used it for just a couple of possessions.

Coach Pitino- "Maybe. They were inexplicable, but give them credit too."

Question- Was it good to see Carlos attack the basket a little bit more?

Coach Pitino- "He did a lot of good things offensively, we wanted in the game, but defensively we needed to get stops and he will continue to grow. He is a JUCO, but is only really a freshman in my mind. I thought he competed and I thought we played hard. I really did. I thought we played hard. We got great kids, but we just had some really really silly turnovers. You don’t win like that, you can’t. It is impossible."

Question- Overall, in the Big Ten and the other day you go to overtime with Ohio State, they lost to Indiana today. It is early, but what are you initial impressions of the Big Ten so far.

Coach Pitino- "It is a tough conference."

Question- Walton struggled for about a month here with a toe injury, but today he played especially down the stretch and seemed to play well. Did you notice any difference between film and what you saw today?

Coach Pitino- "I always thought he was a really good player. I don’t know why he was struggling. I think he is a really good player. I think they are an interesting team because you got Irvin, Levert and Walton are really high leveled players and even Spike is even a better player than he gives himself credit for at times. I think at the end of the year, they are going to be a good team once Coach Beilein blends them all together because they got some young pieces. They got some talent, they are well coached and it is a nice recipe."

Question- What is it going to take to win the first Big Ten game here?

Coach Pitino- "You got to score more points than the opponent."

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