Jerry Kill on Sid and Dave Recap: 7/5

GopherDigest recaps Gopher Football head coach Jerry Kill's talk on the radio with Sid and Dave from yesterday morning.

Kill on the ability to work with the players in the summer time:

"It's talked about every year, but they've loosened it up a little bit to where you can be at their workouts, but you know it's hard to say. They keep talking and basketball may even lose that deal as to give the student-athletes a little more time. I don't know. It'll be interesting. They have so many other things going on right now, I don't know that addressing that is at the top of their list."

Kill on the players working out during the summer:

"Right now, they're in the strength part of it where they're lifting a bunch and then running in the mornings. We (the coaches) can be there for that. In the afternoons, the captains run practice themselves and they've done a heck of a job. They did a great job last year and the group that's in charge this year is doing a fantastic job."

Kill on the freshman adjusting to a college strength and conditioning program:

"For most of them it's a big eye opener. They're not used to getting up at 5:15 as we're working out at 6:00 AM. Then they get some breakfast and get to class, then tutoring, then weights, then captains practice so they're not used to that regiment. They're used to working in high school for a couple hours and then going home. It's a lot different for them. Every once in awhile, you'll run into some program in high schools that run it that way, but for most of them, it's a lot different."

Kill on how good the secondary can be this year:

"I don't think there's any question about that," Kill on if it's the best secondary he's coached. "As long as they can stay healthy, we'll be very very good there and we got some depth. Then the kids that we got in this summer look like they can move around and play a little bit too. I think again it'll be a strong point on our team and we'll have to me the two best lock-down corners in Big Ten and they're a lot like what Michigan State had. Michigan State has had some great defenses as they've had great corners, and we feel like we'll have some very good corners."

Kill on opening the season earlier on a Thursday night opposed to a Saturday:

"I think the big thing is a lot of it has to do with that we're the opening game in college football with TCU. We're prime-time TV and there's a lot of money involved in all that, so I think in this particular year, opening up college football on Thursday night is a pretty big deal for our state and our program."

Kill on what the Gophers know about Colorado State:

"I know quite a bit about them. I know the guy that used to coach there years ago, Sonny Lubick, who's been down to visit us. I know that from last year, when you win 12 ball games, you're a pretty darn good football team. They did lose their quarterback and running back, but they do have the best wide receiver that most say in the country, or one of the best. There's not a big style of change of what they're going to do offensively and defensively, so I think it's a smooth transition for Colorado State. I think it's a great hire and we don't have anything on the schedule that we better be ready to play every game. It's very similar to last year, but I think our non-conference is tougher."

Kill on what things look like at quarterback behind Leidner and Streveler:

"I think right now that a kid that really surprised is Jacques Perra when he came in. Then he had a little bit of some arm problems during the spring, so he didn't get a chance to play in the spring game, which I really wanted to see how he would do. Then we've got the true freshman (Demry Croft) who has all types of athletic ability, but we've got to get him on the field to see that. Then we've got a kid that's committed that I hope we can hold on to because he's special. I think we're setting fine, but the biggest thing is taking Mitch from where he was this past year and taking one more step. He's going down to Peyton Manning's camp, we've brought Adam Weber in, so I look for him to do good things. I feel good about Chris and he's improved a lot. I think we'll be alright there, but the biggest thing is who we put around him there. We've got some people we've put around him that can help us and be more explosive and be able to make some plays when maybe it's not perfect. You look at the kid from Ohio State, the quarterback that won the national championship game. He threw the ball down field and sometimes it's in double coverage, but it didn't matter. They have people who will just go up and get it. We've got to have some playmakers and I think we've worked hard to get some playmakers ."

Kill on Jacques Perra:

"He played well in the spring and did a good job, and then he got hurt and it's really been a slow process for him. Conor Rhoda has come a long way too, so I think the big thing is that we have the chance to have a good football team and a lot of that lies on everybody else getting better. From the quarterback's standpoint, taking the next step. I think we all know that and that's what we're going to have to do to compete and be better than we were a year ago. We're going to be good on defense, I don't think there's any question about that. Offensively, we've been solid, but we need to go from being solid to being really good."

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