Jerry Kill on Sid and Dave Recap: 7/12

GopherDigest recaps Gopher Football head coach Jerry Kill's talk on the radio with Sid and Dave from yesterday morning.

Kill on how the incoming freshmen have looked this summer thus far:

"I think they came in a little better shape than I thought they would. The older kids have done a great job with them. There's several who I could list, but Quinn Oseland, a big offensive lineman has really looked good. He's big and he can run. I knew he was athletic, but I didn't know he was as quite of athletic as I thought he was. He's a guy that stands out, certainly up front. Really all of our offensive linemen. I think this is the best overall group in terms of size, strength and quickness that we've brought in, so they definitely look the part and I don't think there's any question about that. We have several secondary kids that I've been impressed with and there's several of them that can run, which is what we needed. Overall, there's not a guy that you think boy, he should of worked harder. I think they followed after signing exactly what the strength program was and they've done really well. Some of them have done better than the upperclassmen as far as the work and that's a good sign."

Kill on if the freshmen get assigned with an upperclassmen:

"We do. If you're a secondary player like Eric Murray or Briean Boddy-Calhoun, they're going to have some guys that they're in charge of and also Damarius Travis. They're kind of like a big brother, you know somebody that tries to get them in the right direction and understand the culture that we want."

Kill on if he's had a tougher start to a season before than TCU and Colorado State:

"I'll be honest that in my 32 years of coaching, we have not played a tougher schedule. We're the only team in the conference playing TCU and Ohio State, who are ranked one and two. You go right down the schedule from Colorado State to Wisconsin to Nebraska to Iowa and they're all bowl teams. Our schedule is very, very difficult and our kids know that. We have made bones about it, but that's part of it. If we can come out of it, we'll certainly be going some good places."

Kill on the coaching change at Colorado State and if it makes it tougher to prepare for:

"I know a lot about their coach from his background. I think they hired someone who was similar to the coach they had as I don't see them changing a lot. They'll change some of course, but I still think they'll be some similarities to what they did a year ago. Sonny Lubiak is a guy I've known for a long time and is still involved in that program. They're going to be a team that's a physical football team. They play Colorado and I don't know how many years in a row they've beat Colorado over the past five or six years, so like you said, it's a tough schedule. We're going to have to be very well-prepared and very deep because it's going to be a physical season and we only have one bye week too. We have a great challenge ahead of us, but that's the way life is as it's full of challenges and we need our kids to step up and see who we are."

Kill on the players who missed spring practices with injuries:

"Scott Ekpe is one that's really important to us and he's going through everything in the summer. Scott looks very good and done a great job with his rehab and that's a critical piece for us up front. Nick Rallis has done everything that we've been doing, but he gets sore some and I'm concerned about that. Whether he'll be ready for fall camp, that's a question mark. I think his goal is certainly that as the kid works his tail end off, but he went through a pretty dramatic injury. Jon Christensen is the best he's been since his injury and he's done a great job with his leadership, so he'll be back full strength. Jeff Borchardt, the kid that won't be able to play, was really doing some good things in the spring, but you know he had a tumor that was taken off his brain and he's doing very well, but he won't be able to play this year.

Kill on which redshirts he expects help from this year:

"We played some freshmen last year that helps us a lot. Not so much a redshirt, but getting Duke Anyanwu back is a kid we really needed. All that receivers that redshirted are a big, critical piece. Melvin Holland is a kid that we redshirted and Isaiah Gentry, and those guys are critical pieces of what we're trying to do. Desmond Gant was a redshirt. So those three right there off the top of my head are a receiving core are all guys that one of those, two of those, three of those, somebody has to step up and do a great job. Jeff Jones was considered a redshirt. All of those kids are critical on that side of the ball. We played a ton of freshmen on the defensive side of the ball, so more so on the offensive side of the ball will the redshirts be important."

Kill on the turnovers last year against TCU and how that changed the ball game:

"The thing about TCU is they force you into turnovers because they're so athletic. I'm not taking anything about from TCU at all, but we just didn't play very good. It was a game that athletically and speed-wise they got to us with some of their pressures. Defensively, we did some good things as they made two great catches and we had the defense on the short field all the time. I think defensively we held up pretty good. Offensively will be a big key in this years game as far as being able to move the ball and not turning it over. Don't give them anything as we can't give TCU anything, but I look forward to playing them at home. I'm excited about it and I hope our fans are."

Kill on if he's offered recruits any scholarships at any of the camps last month:

"Several that we've had in camp since they're junior year even. When you can get kids into your camp for two year you have a pretty good idea of what you're seeing. Now we're even getting some 8th grade, freshman kids to come to camp that you jot down and say this kids going to be a pretty good athlete. We need to keep a good eye on him. The camps are critical and the spring practices are critical. Film is critical and how they do in school is critical. There's a lot of things that go into the evaluation, but we're like everybody else and we miss some and we make some mistakes in recruiting as everybody does. For the most part, I think we've done a pretty good job. We haven't made a ton of mistakes at this point in time as we couldn't afford too."

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