Poljan loves his Minnesota visit

Gophers QB commit Tony Poljan and his family spent four days in Minnesota last week to check out their future home and GopherDigest spoke with Poljan to learn more.

"The visit to Minnesota was great," Tony Poljan said to GopherDigest. "Wednesday we just recovered from the drive, Thursday we talked around campus, took more tours and then went over to Carter's house until Friday night because my family and I went downtown to get some dinner. Saturday was the camp and BBQ and then we went back over to Carter's before taking off early on Sunday, so I had a blast this weekend."

Getting to hangout with the other Gopher commits for the first time was a highlight for Poljan.

"I really enjoyed meeting the guys," Poljan explained. "They're cool guys. I got to meet a bunch of the guys at Carter's after the BBQ like Thomas Barber, Conner Olson, J.D. Spielman, Matt Kegel and there were others, but I'm bad with names. It also surprised me that I liked this Minnesota visit more than my first one. I saw a lot the first time I came here and this time is was nice to sit back and take it all in. The whole thing really grew on me."

Poljan was putting in work at the Gophers camp Saturday.

"Camp went really well and it was nice to work with Coach Z," Poljan told GopherDigest.com. "It was fun and he gave me a lot of great tips and pointers to work on this season. I also really liked working with Phillip Howard and JD. They're a lot quicker and faster than what I'm used to. Phil is just a different speed I'm used to, really explosive and has good hands, while JD is so quick out of his cuts, I'd love to have both to throw to. I did my best to show JD what his quarterback would look like if he came to Minnesota, so we'll see what happens there. The BBQ after was a lot of fun and the food was great. I got to talk with Coach Zebrowski more then and to the commits. The message I got from Coach Z was that I have to keep getting better and better and to never stop improving. I talked with Coach Kill some and he was just excited to see me workout in person."

Bringing with Mom and the siblings was key for the Gophers on this unofficial visit.

"I had basically my whole family with this time as Mom and Dad came, plus my siblings, Bo, Becka and Mary," Poljan said. "It was my mom's first time there and she loved it. My siblings said they want to play in the Big Ten too if this is what it's like. My mom is on-board and I mean, she'll be a little wet eyed when I leave in 10 months, but she knows it's for the best."

With his senior season getting closer, Poljan has unfinished business.

"With my recruiting now behind me, I'm glad that I get to focus on my senior season," Poljan explained. "I've been putting in a lot of extra work to make sure this year is the year. Quarterback is a position of perfection and I will not stop until I reach that point. I want to be great and to get there one day, you have to put in the work and that's fine with me. I haven't heard from any other schools lately and I'm very solid to Minnesota anyway. It's all about senior year now."

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