Spielman and Edwards like the Gophers

Minnesota had two of their top wide receiver targets in camp last weekend in J.D. Spielman and Bailey Edwards. Both spoke with GopherDigest about their Minnesota interest.

"For the most part, my family and I just hung out," Bailey Edwards said of his Minnesota visit. "It was cool seeing Berkley as that isn't an everyday thing now."

Edwards enjoyed his time at camp.

"I think camp went well as the coaches were impressed with my testing," Edwards explained to GopherDigest.com. "I thought I performed well in one on one's too. Working with wide receiver's coach Brian Anderson was good also as I learned a lot on how he coaches. It's something I feel I could learn under."

The Michigan wide receiver also attended the Gophers BBQ later that Saturday night.

"The BBQ was good as I got a chance to meet a lot of the players," Edwards said. "I spoke with Mitch Leidner, K.J. Maye, Coach Kill and Coach Anderson. Leidner was just asking questions to get to know me as was KJ. Coach Anderson pretty much told me we'll keep in touch and to keep working, plus Coach Kill told me he liked what he saw from testing and one on one's. After the BBQ, I spent the night with Berkley and it was a long day, so we pretty much slept after we got back to his place."

Minnesota is sitting well for Edwards now after another unofficial visit.

"My favorite part of the visit was the camp as I loved the competition. Going against Elijah Daniels was fun as he's real good. He's definitely going to be something in college. My interest in the Gophers is pretty high. I like it in Minnesota a lot."

Another receiver that is a priority for Minnesota is Eden Prairie's J.D. Spielman. "Saturday was great," Spielman told GopherDigest. "It was great to go against good competition from both in and out of state. Mad respect to Elijah Daniels as the dude is one hell of a corner. He's an athlete with quick feet and hands. He's also good at breaking back to the ball and making a play, plus getting a good jump on all the routes."

Hanging out with the Gopher coaches and recruits was a fun experience for Spielman.

"I liked working with him," Spielman said about Coach Anderson. "He's a good coach and he knows what he's talking about. I felt that I did well in one on one's at getting open and creating space between me and the defender. I did talk with Coach Kill some, but nothing really new there. I got to chill with Antoine Winfield Jr. and we had some good times last weekend. We all went to Carter Coughlin's after the BBQ and it's always fun being around people who are blessed with the same talent as you."

Minnesota is on top with another Big Ten school.

"Minnesota and Nebraska are tied for first right now," Spielman explained. "I'm feeling good about Minnesota as it was nice to meet some of my possible future teammates last weekend."

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