Coach Kill on early signing day and 2015

The Minnesota Gophers head football coach Jerry Kill addressed the media in Chicago earlier this morning and gave his thoughts on a potential early signing day and on the Gophers being picked to finish third in the Big Ten West.

"I think everybody has their own take on that and where you're from and so forth. But, you know, I would like to see an early signing day," head coach Jerry Kill said. "That's for a lot of reasons. With us having June camps and we have kids come up anyways, even having some official visits during that period of time."

With Minnesota off to their best start in recruiting since Coach Kill has been on campus, he believes an early signing day should start sooner rather than later once the bugs get worked out.

"There's some things that have to be worked out on a calendar to make sure it all fits. But I think it's something that we certainly need to consider and certainly for recruiting in other areas because kids are having to come up on nonofficial business and their parents are having to pay for those. So I think there's a lot to be learned from it. But, hopefully, there can be a good model here in the next year."

Coming off the Gophers first winning season in the Big Ten, they were picked to finish third in the West. Coach Kill reminds Minnesota fans that it doesn't matter you start, but where you finish.

"I've never really worried about where you're picked or anything like that. I always worry about the end of the year and where you're at," Coach Kill explained in Chicago earlier this morning. "We keep improving and keep getting better. Last year I said we'd have a better team we had a year ago and we firmly believe that we'll be more athletic and a better football team this year. But there's a lot of other people that are here today that can say the same things. But we feel good about our football team and the talent. I think we'll have more speed. And we're excited about seeing them play."

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