B1G Media Days: Kill on the Gopher offense

Minnesota lost a few of their key contributors on offense as they have to replace David Cobb, Maxx Williams, Zac Epping and Tommy Olson, among others. Jerry Kill talked about the Gopher offense at length earlier this morning at Big Ten Media Days.

"I think up front we bring back some experience. I think that we'll be good up front and that's where it all starts," Kill said about his offensive line. "Mitch (Leidner) has had an outstanding offseason. He's a year older. He went to Peyton Manning's camp, which he was invited to, which I think was good for him. Adam Weber, hired as a graduate assistant who played quarterback for the Gophers, has been in the NFL for a short time, certainly has helped. So I look for him to have a great year. And, certainly, it starts there."

One reason why Kill thinks the offense will improve is because of redshirted receivers from last season.

"We've surrounded ourselves with some good skill players, some very good receivers that we redshirted to have more explosive plays. So I think we knew our shortcomings, and we tried to address those."

Kill acknowledges that a few of the changes are similar to his days at NIU.

"We made some adjustments in what we're doing a little bit offensively," Kill explained this morning. "When I was at Northern Illinois, we started to change some things as we went. So I think it's a similarity of you know, kind of our progress and we're at Northern Illinois and how we advanced at that time with Chandler Harnish and, of course, Jordan Lynch."

Replacing David Cobb won't be easy for Minnesota this season, but Kill has three guys he'll be counting on to do so.

"I think that's our jobs as coaches. I'll give an example, Ohio State. They just lose one, bring another one in. That's what you have to do if you're going to have a good team," Kill said about replacing talent." At running back, Rodrick Williams is a young man that is waiting his turn. And I think he's going to be a tremendous back. He's a big back and had a tremendous spring. We've got a redshirt freshman in Ronnie Williams (aka Rodney Smith). And then a young man that's put on about 12, 13 pounds I'm very excited about is Berkley Edwards. He was weighing 180 and now he's about 202. And then we recruited well there. So running backs, I don't have any concerns there."

Replacing stud tight end Maxx Williams production is another thing at the top of the Gophers to-do list.

"We've got some good tight ends, but (Nate) Wozniak is 6'10" tight end that's a little bit different but athletic," The Gophers head coach explained. "I think the biggest thing replacing Maxx is his hands. That's the hardest thing. You don't get very many people that have the hands that that kid had. And so we'll have to disperse the ball a little bit differently. And we feel like we're going on a whole lot better at wide receiver. I think that's the big key for us."

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