Aime surprised by Minnesota visit

Minnesota hosted Fort Scott (Kan.) C.C. defensive tackle Walvenski Aime on an official visit this past weekend and he walked away very surprised on what he saw. GopherDigest has the latest.

"I had a chance to tour the school and city of Minneapolis," Walvenski Aime said to "We also went to the Mall of America and saw the stadium. That place is beautiful. We also ate a ton of food everyday. I didn't go home hungry, I promise you that. I was very surprised on how clean the city was and how nice campus was. My Mom came with and she was just as surprised as I was about how nice Minnesota is. Neither of us were expecting to like the visit as much as we did, but it's a good surprise."

Aime's perception of Minnesota has definitely changed now, plus he really got along with his host.

"Again, I was really surprised by everything at Minnesota," Aime explained. "I thought Minnesota was a cold, barren place coming into the visit and it turns out it a lively, clean city that's warm. I really enjoyed the atmosphere there and the people. My host for the visit was Gaelin Elmore and he told me a lot of good things. He was honest with me and was telling me how he chose the Gophers over a lot of other big-time schools. He said that he could have gone other places, but Minnesota was the place that he felt at home. That was really interesting for me to hear though as I would of thought coming into the visit that they weren't every ones first choice, but I can see what they would be now."

Talking with the Gophers coaches was another highlight for the Kansas defensive tackle.

"I talked a lot with Coach Phelps and Coach Kill," Aime told "Coach Phelps was telling me how the opportunity will be there for me to play right away when I get here, but that the opportunity isn't given, but it's earned. That's exactly how I want it though. They think I can be a three-technique in their defense. Coach Kill kept it real man. I really respect him the most as he was honest with me about everything. He told me they really want me to be a Gopher, but that he's not going to pressure me to do so. He wants me to make that decision on my own."

Aime is going to take a step back with the recruiting process.

"My next step here is that I'm going to focus on the season at hand," Aime said. "I want to focus on winning the Jayhawk conference and leading my team to the championship. I have no timetable for a decision. I really enjoyed my Minnesota visit and I came away very surprised by what I saw this weekend. They definitely moved up for me."

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