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Olson having a dominating season

Gopher OL commit Conner Olson played against Big Lake on Friday night and GopherDigest was there to see him live. Here's what Olson had to say following his teams third straight victory to open the season.

"It was a hot day and my first time really ever playing on the defensive side of the ball, so it was a newer experience for me," Gophers OL commit Conner Olson said to GopherDigest Friday night. "I thought I stuck in there pretty well, plus I thought I played well on the defensive line side of things. I thought my play on offense wasn't up to my own standards, but it went relatively well."

Playing on the defensive side of the ball is something Olson and his coaches thought they'd give a try Friday night. 

"I was originally a defensive end about 100 pounds ago and my coach thought that they'd utilize me as my brother was a great defensive end and I showed potential. Then I started putting on all this weight and I wouldn't say my speed decreased, but my edge rush did a little bit. Up until today, they really didn't need me there and wanted me to focus on offense, but it was so hot that we need to rotate bodies, so I was out there."

Olson's Monticello team is off to their first 3-0 start since 2012.

"It's a full team effort obviously," Olson explained to GopherDigest. "Football is a team game and we have some great specialists in the backfield. Everything is coming together right now and the reason that games like this were even close is because of what we do to ourselves. I wouldn't say any team we've played so far has really given us a game unless we put them back in it."

Ryan Burns - GopherDigest

After seeing the Gopher game the night before and having Minnesota offensive line coach Matt Limegrover at the game, Olson is feeling very good. 

"Great game on Thursday night," Olson told GopherDigest. "We almost had them at the end and I was there with buddy and the other commits and man it was a great atmosphere. Place was loud and it was nuts. I saw Coach Limegrover as I was walking back after the game and we didn't talk much at all, he just said great game and to call him later this week. I haven't heard from any other schools lately as it seems like they got the idea that I'm set on Minnesota, which is true. Every school that's tried to talk to me since I told them that I'm committed to Minnesota and to not bother trying to recruit me."

Minnesota's Monticello commit will not be on campus in January any longer.

"I don't think I'll be graduating early anymore as I got caught up with so many other things such as my three mentorship programs and helping out at the church, so I don't believe I'll be able to get there in January anymore. I'm still fully committed to Minnesota and I want fans to keep believing in Jerrysota as it's not going away from a long time."

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