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GopherDigest's Ryan Burns answers our subscribers questions in this week's edition of the mailbag

Ryan Burns answers your questions in this week's football mailbag...

Bones1228 asks: I apologize if you have touched on this elsewhere already, but do you have any insight as to why Luke Rasmussen was left off the fall camp roster?

Just a numbers situation is the way I understand things. 

Minnesota wanted to make sure they had room for all the true freshmen scholarship lineman coming in and as more talent is added to the team each year, the cut down to the 105 in fall camp gets tighter and tighter. Rasmussen is still more of a project at this stage with he only being a redshirt freshman, so there's not a lot to be concerned about yet. He's just got to keep on working on adding weight to his lean frame, and from the people I've talked to, he's been an "animal" in the weight room in recent months trying to do all he can to get back in the mix of things. I still believe Rasmussen is two years away from being a serious contributor, but he's got frame and athletic ability to be a guy. 

TKGophFan asks: What is going on with Berkley? Is his absence injury related, performance related, other? Did Beebe burn his red shirt, if so where is he playing? What is the Jerry Gibson situation? Is he going to see the field? Lastly, we have seen Holland, Gentry, what do we know about Gant?

The Berkley Edwards question is anyone's guess still at this point, but my guess would be he's battling some injuries behind the scenes. Kill is very tight lipped this season about injuries, but I had someone tell me that he was looking a little "gimpy" on the sidelines on Saturday, so maybe the ankle injuries are back that plagued him last year. It also probably somewhat performance related as he's minimum #4 on the depth chart behind Smith, Brooks and Rodrick Williams. 

Beebe has NOT burned his redshirt yet. Spoke with someone this afternoon about the issue and sounds like Beebe has been told that the staff isn't going to burn his redshirt just for special teams. They will only burn it now if he sees the field on offense and if that happens, he will also play on special teams. My guess is that if Miles Thomas stays healthy and continues to build on his performance on Saturday, Colton is likely to redshirt. If an injury occues or Thomas' play declines, Colton will have his redshirt burned. 

Gibson suffered an ankle injury against Kent State on special teams and wasn't suited up this past Saturday from what I remember because of that. 

We know that Ryan is sad because Desmond Gant is still too raw to see time in the eyes of the coaches. I've been saying it since the spring, but he's got the most athletic talent on the roster. Just needs to keep progressing as a football player to turn from that athlete, to a force on the football field. 

duluthgopher asks: Any insight into the recruiting of tight ends and defensive lineman? Two most critical positions the staff needs to hit on come February IMO.

Still is a holding pattern for the most part at both positions, especially at tight end. The only guy I really have my guy on that's been offered still is Alabama's Kyle Fourtenbary. Nothing is new there. Thinking the bye week is going to be huge for Minnesota to go out and see live some of these other tight ends on their radar and make decisions from there.

At defensive line, the Gophers are in a holding pattern until they get some of their offered guys up on visits such as Zo Bridges, Amir Watts, Terrell Lucas,Terrance Corbett etc. Guys such as Walvenski Aime are taking their time still, so the Gophers are in a holding pattern with him. As I've mentioned before, a guy to keep an eye on at DE is current Ohio commit Will Evans, but another at either DE or TE is NDSU commit Ko Kieft as well.

Mini recruiting update on who some "top" targets are:

Quarterback: Doesn't look like Minnesota will take another.

Running back: Arkeem Byrd and Martell Pettaway

Wide receiver: Likely Minnesota is done

Tight end: Kyle Fourtenbary

Offensive line: Potentially another JUCO, no names yet. 

Defensive line: Zo BridgesAmir WattsTerrell Lucas,Terrance Corbett and Walvenski Aime

Linebacker: Andre Polk and another committed elsewhere linebacker who is scheduled to visit Minnesota on Halloween

Defensive back: Antoine Winfield, Coney Durr, Simeon Smiley and Kiondre Thomas

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