Gophers run over Purdue 41-13: GIF's

GopherDigest takes a look at Minnesota's win over Purdue 41-13 through GIF's of the plays that made it happen

1) Jalen Myrick interception

First big momentum shifting play of the day. Gophers sit back in zone and Myrick reads the eye of the quarterback for a full extension interception. Gave the Gophers great field position to start their first touchdown drive.

2) Shannon Brooks first quarter run

Two guys I want to highlight on Shannon Brooks' first long run of the game are right tackle Jonah Pirsig and center Tyler Moore. Both guys zone to the second level and seal the lane for Brooks to run through, springing the long run. Shannon breaks an arm tackle and keeps his legs churning to get down to the one, setting up a Mitch Leidner touchdown.

3) Brooks take it the distance

Gophers run read option and Brooks has his breakout moment taking it 71 to the house. I really want to highlight the entire offensive line here as they were a huge key to this. Watch both tackles and the center get to the second level and hold their blocks allowing Brooks to not be touched until 15-20 yards down field. Both guards hold their blocks as well and Brooks does the rest. Anytime you can have three offensive line get the second level and hold blocks, you're going to have a successful play. 

4) Richardson sack dance

The guy who isn't getting any love from Saturday is defensive tackle Steven Richardson and he had a monster game. Richardson had 2.5 tackles for loss and this sack against Purdue. I picked this play in particular as watch Richardson gain on the Purdue QB and then finish him off for a sack. That's 290 pounds gaining on a mobile quarterback. Such acceleration and burst. Richardson already have seven tackles for loss on the season and 3.5 sacks, surpassing last season's totals. 

5) Brooks does it again

Yes Shannon Brooks is a bad, bad man. I want to highlight some guys first though that gave him a chance to make this run possible. Starting again with right tackle Jonah Pirsig who made his first start at RT since TCU I believe and he played maybe his best game of the season. Pirsig and RG Mayes take wash their guys out of the play and tight ends Brandon Lingen (#86) and Nick Hart (#45) give Brooks space to improvise and bust out a long run. Safety Leroy Clark gets thrown for the second time this quarter and Brooks then lays the wood to safety Brandon Roberts to finish the run. 

6) Brooks Truck Stick

Deserved it's own GIF because that's Brooks is a powerful dude. Not much more to say, but to kick back and relax while you watch this true freshman running back for Minnesota do his thing. I will say watch his face immediately after the truck stick. Love the intensity.

7) Leidner to Lingen

Minnesota will not score a more wide open touchdown this year. Book it. Beautiful play design by offensive coordinator by Matt Limegrover and great execution by the offensive line to give Leidner time to have the play develop. Tight end Brandon Lingen slips out the backside unnoticed and Leidner delivers a perfect pass for Minnesota to tack on to their lead. 

8) Leidner to Lingen, part two

Gophers get into the red zone once again and Leidner finds his tight end for the second time in as many drives. Offensive line gives Leidner enough time and he delivers maybe his best ball of the day to Lingen who gets separation from the linebacker for a nice tumbling catch for the touchdown. 

9) Jalen Myrick pick six

Credit defensive coordinator Tracy Claeys for this interception. Gophers LB Jack Lynn blitzes untouched forcing the Purdue QB to roll out into defensive end Alex Keith. Blough tries to force a ball and Jalen Myrick is seasoned to read the QB eyes, and explosive enough to make the play and run the 27 yards for the pick six. 

10) De'Vondre Campbell continues his strong play

Campbell is going to have to give his defensive linemen some credit here as Hank Ekpe forces Blough to step up and Robert Ndondo-Lay pressures him, forcing an errant throw. Campbell makes the one handed pick and continues his strong this season. 

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