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GopherDigest takes a look at the tape of Minnesota's 48-25 loss to Nebraska

Some thoughts on the Gophers loss to Nebraska yesterday after re-watching the tape this afternoon.

- If you would have told me that Mitch Leidner completed 65% of his passes and threw for over 300 yards heading into the game Saturday, I would've been feeling pretty good about the Gophers chances. Issue was, the rest of the team besides Leidner didn't have their best game. Even though he was constantly dealing with pressure in his face and taking some big hits, I think Saturday was one of his better days. The last three minutes of the game weren't pretty with those two interceptions on some bad throws, I agree, but that's when Minnesota was forcing Leidner to be something he's not in a two minute type of offense. 

- KJ Maye had the day you thought would come at some point this season from the Gophers best receiver as he finished the day with 11 catches for 94 yards and two rushing attempts for 21 yards and a score. He did miss on a 50/50 pass in the endzone that he probably would like to have back, but he made some tough catches throughout the day. He was able to get open and was doing everything he could to get some extra yards.

- Maybe the biggest reason why Nebraska was able to dominate the game the way they did on Saturday was because they won the battle in the trenches on both the offensive and defensive line. The Gophers weren't able to get the running game going as there weren't very many holes at all for these Minnesota backs to go through. Particularly on the interior of the offensive line for Minnesota, I felt like there was too many times the Nebraska defensive tackles were getting up field or shedding a block too early, which causes the play call to a different direction. Yes, I understand that the interior of the offensive line consists of two left guards toughing it out through knee injuries, a true freshman making his second start and a sophomore making his seventh career start, but this Gopher offense is going to have to figure something out. Especially with a very stout Michigan team coming to town in two weeks. 

- The lack of pass rush was something I thought was going to eventually start picking up more and more as the season went on, but Nebraska QB Tommy Armstrong had far too much time and that seems to be a theme now with the lack of pressure. The Gophers only have ten sacks through seven games and you'd figure between Theiren Cockran and Hank Ekpe, they'd have a majority of them, but they've only got 2.5 combined between them. Somethings got to change in order for Minnesota to get more pressure on the passer. 

- Minnesota missed starting MLB Cody Poock more than any other player on Saturday and I don't think it's close. Far too many times the linebackers were getting washed down by the Nebraska offensive linemen at the second level and weren't able to shed their blocks to make a play on the ball. The entire defense as a whole seemed to have moments where they'd be undisciplined whether it was reading their keys or getting caught peeking to see where the ball is and it burned them. In an extremely physical game, the difference between Cody Poock and Everett Williams was a huge difference. From the people I've spoken with today, I'd expect Poock back for Michigan.

- The Gophers secondary didn't have their greatest game of the season as well. The lack of pass rush hurt them in spots, but the Nebraska wide receivers were very physical with this group and won most of the 50/50 balls that decide games. Boddy-Calhoun was back, but he's certainly nowhere near 100% and Myrick and Murray didn't play their best games in a Gopher uniform, just like safeties Antonio Johnson and Kunle Ayinde. Combination off all five not having the best day didn't help. 

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