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GopherDigest rewinds the tape to show you the scoring plays from the Gophers game Saturday

GopherDigest rewinds the tape to show you the scoring plays from the Gophers loss to Nebraska, 48-25.

1) Eric Carter from Mitch Leidner

Gophers go into 22 personnel on third and short, and Nebraska responds with putting 10 in the box and leaving Carter one on one outside wit the Husker defensive back. A nice inside release gets Carter separation and he shows some deceptive speed to easily get behind the defender. Minnesota goes play action and with Leidner rolling to his right and three Husker defenders on his heels, he gets off a throw just in time that floats nicely into Carter's waiting arms in the end-zone, who tracks the ball and adjust his course to make the play.

2) Terrell Newby takes it 69

A combination of things here got the the Gophers in trouble. Both LDE Theiren Cockran and LDT Steven Richardson get upfield opening a huge A gap hole for Newby. LB Jack Lynn is peeking into the backfield trying to spot the ball and the Husker LG is able get to the second level and neutralize Lynn. Jalen Myrick, the Gophers only CB on that side of the field blitzes off the edge on the motion into the backfield, really opening up a huge lane for Newby to run untouched. Gophers safety Antonio Johnson is watching the motion across the formation thinking it's going away from him, and is about two seconds late before he realizes that the play is coming right at him and Newby goes 69 yards for the easiest score of his career. 

3) Armstrong to Alonzo Moore

First and foremost, there is zero pass rush and Armstrong has over six seconds to wait for his receivers to get open and that's inexcusable. Minnesota is sitting back in zone and Moore is able to cross the face of safety Kunle Ayinde rolling to the right side of the end-zone, and while Ayinde does fall down leaving Moore wide open, there's still too much time for Armstrong to throw. Ayinde has played well in the absence of Damarius Travis, but Minnesota hopes he's back soon.

4) KJ Maye on the ground

Gophers again score from 22 personnel on the end around to KJ Maye. The Nebraska defense flows toward the play action to Rodney Smith and the leaves Maye and TE Nick Hart to the pylon. Hart peels back to get a shoulder into flowing Nebraska LB and Maye is able to put on move on the Husker corner to get the edge for the touchdown. 

5) Terrell Newby again for the score

Cody Poock come back soon. Everett Williams (#15) couldn't be in better position to play a make on this and he's late to meet Newby in the hole, which leaves him only able to try an arm tackle on Newby, which doesn't even phase the Husker RB. That's a play that should have been a short gain for a TFL as Williams watched the whole play develop with no one in his face. Just needs to make the play. Ayinde (#4) slips out of his back pedal and then takes a bad angle to Newby and is crushed by his own guy on the down block from the Husker WR. Two bad angles lead to an easy score for Nebraska.

6) Cethan Carter dives in 

Looks like the guy at fault here in LB De'Vondre Campbell who gets caught peeking in the backfield and doesn't see TE Cethan Carter slip across the formations into the flats wide open. Safety Antonio Johnson is late getting over to make the play, but Carter has to have someone near him and it looks like that's on Campbell, who was playing now on only one day of practice after the birth of his daughter. Carter catches it and turns the corner on a nice burst to stretch out of the Husker's fourth score of the game.

7) DPE Tip drill

This play right here just about sums up the Gophers loss on Saturday. Boddy-Calhoun doesn't bite on the stop and go and really is good position to make a play on the ball there. Problem is, he misses the tip as Armstrong throws a perfect ball in between two defenders and the Nebraska receiver is able to tip the ball to himself for the score. Even when Minnesota is in the right spot to make the play, it just didn't go their way on Saturday. 

8) Lingen gets in on the action

Yes I know the play was ultimately reversed and Leidner scores on a sneak, but still wanted to show this play anyway. Minnesota had a lot of success out of 22 personnel and this would have been the Gophers third score of the day out of it. Minnesota goes PA and Lingen is untouched on a flag route for what should have been a touchdown. Maye runs off the corner and Thomas and Wozniak sit short, so Lingen by design is open and Leidner delivers it high, but Lingen makes the nice catch anyway.

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