K-State RB commit Tre Bryant gives his Minnesota official visit a 10

Kansas State running back commit Tre Bryant took his official visit to Minnesota this past weekend and walked away very impressed. He spoke about his visit with GopherDigest.

"On Saturday, I got the game day experience of Minnesota and it was great," Tre Bryant said to GopherDigest. "The fan base seems very supportive and it was also a great game. They took me and the other recruits on a tour of campus yesterday and it's a beautiful place there. I really enjoyed my visit."

Attending the game and speaking with the coaches was something that Bryant had high on his wish list coming into the game.

"It was a very interesting game," Bryant explained to GopherDigest. "Some questioned the final play call, but I actually really liked the call. It shows that the coaching staff has faith in their offense and that they call plays to win the game instead of just staying in the game. I spoke a lot with Coach Poore and Coach Phelps and Poore and I talked about their offensive system and how they utilize their running backs. I feel like I fit in really well with their system. They said they would definitely like to use me primarily as a running back. Coach said he also liked my hands out of the backfield as well, going one on one with the linebackers."

Speaking with interim head coach Tracy Claeys was also huge check mark on Bryant's list. 

"He let me know that even with the retirement of Coach Kill, that things will continue to be ran as when Coach Kill was around. Their way of doing things will not change, which is great to hear. My mom and dad who came with really enjoyed what Minnesota had to offer as well."

The Gophers hit a home run on their visit for the St. Louis running back. 

"Minnesota is high on my list and I would give the visit a "10" out of "10"," Bryant explained. "I would say my favorite part of the visit was definitely the game and getting the game day experience of the program as well. I also really enjoyed being around Craig James, who was my host for the visit. He was a great guy and seemed really passionate about football. I'm still thinking about making a decision around Christmas time, but it definitely could be sooner. It depends on how comfortable I feel with the program."

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