Georgia ATH Arkeem Byrd has "very high" interest in Minnesota following his visit

Georgia ATH Arkeem Byrd has very high interest in Minnesota following his official visit there this past weekend, could a decision be close?

"I had a great time in Minneapolis," Byrd said to GopherDigest. "I had a chance to check out the campus and facilities, plus got to be around an amazing game atmosphere, so it was an awesome visit."

Byrd really liked what the Gopher coaches had to say. 

"I talked with basically all of the Minnesota coaches and they were just telling about how many opportunities I'd have on and off the field if I were to come to Minnesota," Arkeem Byrd explained. "They were saying how many Fortune 500 companies they have up there and how I could be set for life after football and that really interests me. The coaches up there see me as maybe an outside linebacker, running back or defensive back, so it's up to me on where I want to play. I just want to help the team as soon possible and whatever position that is, I'll play. I'm not picky at all."

The Savannah native was able to room with another fellow Georgian while on his visit. 

"My host for the visit was Jalen Myrick and he was telling me all about what it's like to be a football player up there," Byrd told GopherDigest. "He was real honest with me about everything as we're from the same city in Georgia. He said that there's a lot of good opportunities to get succeed on and off the field if I were to go there and that was great to hear. He said it's not too big of a change from Savannah, except there's a lot more to do up there."

A decision could be just around the corner for the Georgia athlete.

"My interest in Minnesota is very high now as I really loved the visit up there. I've never experienced a game atmosphere like I was at on Saturday night and I know they lost, but it felt like they won to me. I was just blown away. I have to talk with my parents and coach about the visit yet, but I could be making a decision here in the next few weeks. We'll have to see."

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