CB Coney Durr is ready to make a decision following his Minnesota visit

Louisiana DB Coney Durr is ready to make a decision between the Gophers and Wildcats following his Minnesota official visit.


"My flight was delayed, so I just got there in time for the game, but it was a great visit,' Coney Durr said to GopherDigest. "I saw the game and then hung up with my host in Alonzo Craighton that night and we went out that night and it was fun. Sunday morning, we had brunch with the academic people and I got to see all of the campus and the facilities. I spoke with the coaches that afternoon a lot, mostly Coach Sawvel and Claeys about things and then the recruits, coaches and our hosts went out to eat at this fancy restaurant, so all in all it was a good visit."

Durr enjoyed seeing the game and spending time with his former teammate. 

"The atmosphere there was crazy, especially once the fourth quarter started," Durr explained. "It got loud real quick and I loved it. I hadn't seen Zo seen in about a year since he left for college, but it was like he never left. It was good to see him again and he's got a lot bigger. I think he's about 210 now, but he loves it up here and was real with me on everything."


The Louisiana defensive back had a great time seeing the campus and visiting with the coaches. 

"I wasn't expecting for Minnesota to be as beautiful as it was," Durr explained. "The campus is really nice and it's a beautiful city. My dad and I spoke a lot with Coach Sawvel and to make things short and sweet, he wants me to be a Gopher. He sees me as a nickle corner early on as they need bodies there for next year and then my role will evolve from there. Coach Claeys and I spoke for 20-30 minutes and he answered every question I had. He explained to me what the next likely steps are going to be and that's that he's named the next head coach there and the staff stays. I definitely felt the love."

A decision is coming here soon between Kansas State and Minnesota. 

"I'm going to be making a decision here in the next few weeks. My mom came with to Kansas State and my dad came with to Minnesota, so they've been going at it a little bit as they both loved the visit they came on, so we'll have to sit down as a family and figure it out. I'm looking to make a decision on my future by Thanksgiving between those two schools, so I have some thinking to do now."

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