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The Gophers face a tough rebounding UL Monroe team and this should be a significant test

Quick summary on UL Monroe and a couple notes on what I'd like to see from the Gophs

The Gophers have struggled early in the season (through exhibition and their season opener) to rebound the ball.  UL Monroe will put that deficiency to the test tomorrow afternoon.

Who: UL Monroe

What: Rebounds/possessions

When:  Tip-off 2pm CT

Where: The Barn

Line: Gophers (-12)

UL Monroe record last season: 21-12 (14-6)

Conference: Sun Belt

Conference finish: 2nd

UL Monroe is coming in as a 12-point underdog and it could easily be the other way around.  UL Monroe seems to rebound well at every position, and both teams seem to be below-average shooting wise going into the game.  The most possessions at the end of the game will most likely come out of this one on top.  Some quick notes about this UL Monroe team:

-- They will team rebound

-- They will be ready after blowing their first opponent out by more than 40 points

-- They played a #8 University of Florida team to overtime and lost 61-56

-- They will go 10 deep most likely, maybe more

-- Watch Majok Deng (6-10, 185lbs.), LAST SEASON STATS  3-pt%: 34  PPG: 10.7  RPG: 7.3

Expect more playing time for Konate and Diedhou.  Pitino may try to bully this team with his bigs a little more than the UMKC contest.  Konate and Diedhou's total lack of playing time in the second half last night may also have been a calculated decision by Coach Pitino in order to keep them fresh for this ball game.  I'll have more on that after the game tomorrow.

What I'm looking for tomorrow night:

-- Dorsey to slow down a bit and force the ball less

-- King and Morris to continue their hot shooting nights into the 1st half against UL Monroe

-- Konate to display some low-post offensive game... even if that is just banging down low and laying the ball up with SOME touch

-- A consistently consistent Nate Mason

-- More minutes for Dupree McBrayer so I can get a better feel for his game

-- Charles Buggs to get his posterior down on the block

-- Murphy or "Murph" to continue to do what he is doing, which is pretty darn impressive

Shoutout to Matt Limegrover for calling a very nice game tonight.  Ski U Mah!!

I'll get back to you guys after the game tomorrow.  Should be a close one.

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