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Game Review: Minnesota vs. Iowa

GopherDigest reviews Minnesota's tough loss to #5 Iowa through the help of GIF's.

1st Quarter

Love the pull by Joe Bjorklund picking up the Iowa LB and TE Brandon Lingen does a great job of crashing down the DE opening the outside for Shannon Brooks. Have to love how angry Brooks runs and always tries to his style at the end of the run by laying the wood to the defender. 

After the Gophers punted on their first drive, Minnesota's defense had a rough start. Iowa zones to the left and safety Kunle Ayinde decides to bounce inside of De'Vondre Campbell and Le'Shun Daniels bounces outside to all the open green for a big gain. Ayinde has to force Daniels back to the middle of the field and can't take that angle. Iowa's LT is able to to Campbell untouched in the second level and he can't shed the block in time. 

De'Vondre Campbell takes an inside route and the Hawkeye receiver is able get a down block opening the huge lane for Daniels to run through. Antonio Johnson gets chipped by the Iowa receiver and can't make the play. Iowa takes the 7-0 lead. 

Gophers go play action on 1st and 10 and Leidner gets just enough time to hit a wide open KJ Maye for a 37 yard gain to give Minnesota 1st and goal. Little bit of an under throw, but a nice completion none the less.

Wide receiver coach Brian Anderson is smiling after this. I know it. Maye absolutely torches the Iowa DB on the corner-post and is wide open up the seam. Very little things prettier in football than crisp routes. 

Mitch Leidner makes the correct read on the read option as the Iowa DE crashes in on Brooks for the Gophers first touchdown of the night. 

2nd Quarter

Iowa runs stretch right and both Cody Poock and De'Vondre Campbell have some issues. Campbell looks to run directly into the Hawkeye tight end and just focus on him and not try to shed the block. Poock reads the play correctly, but underestimates Daniels speed and takes a bad angle to try and make the play, resulting in the missed tackle. Only good thing about the play is that Daniels absolutely demolishes his own guy at the end of the play. 

Don't know whether DE Alex Keith or safety Antonio Johnson had QB responsibilities, but Keith crashes down and Johnson gets caught in the wash and no one is on the right side of the field for the naked boot touchdown. Iowa 14-7.

Iowa sits back in zone on 3rd and long and someone forgets to cover Brandon Lingen who converts for the first down.

This creativity out of Matt Limegrover has me standing up giving a nice slow clap. Minnesota pulls a guard along with TE Brandon Lingen across the formation to try and mask his movement, but the entire rest of the play flows to the right, along with the receiver routes. Leaving Brandon Lingen wide open on the wheel route and Leidner puts it on the money for 6.

Look at the wide angle reveals exactly what I described above. Iowa LB bites as Lingen sells that he's blocking and then hits the wheel route for the touchdown. Love the play design from Matt Limegrover and execution from the Gopher players. 

Gophers rush four and sit back in zone and actually gets some pressure on Iowa QB Beathard forcing him to roll left. Issue is the Iowa WR runs a corner route and I'm not sure why Kunle Ayinde is so late getting over, but he is and it results in a big gain. 

Another play that had me rubbing my temples was this scramble from the Hawkeyes QB. Gophers play man and blitz Campbell, but the issue is some bad angles again for Minnesota. Hank Ekpe tries to catch Beathard and can't get a foot and Ayinde doesn't account for the change of angle and misses. Johnson can't get him either and Murray finally makes the play. Aren't going to win many games with tackling like this. 

Iowa heads into half up 24-14.

3rd Quarter

Like the effort by all the Gopher offensive linemen on this play. Joe Bjorklund overwhelms the Hawkeye LB and Brooks has a crease. Love the vision from him to bounce this outside and turn on the jets. Just one of his many qualities that make him a special back.

Great push from Minnesota tight ends Brandon Lingen and Nate Wozniak. Woz seals the edge and Lingen with the lead block opens a sliver of a lane for Rodrick to put his head down and burst into endzone. Gophers trailed 27-21 then.

Minnesota then kicks it off and Santoso is told to pop it up so the coverage team can hopefully pin them inside the 25 and as you can see from the All-22 view, Iowa didn't have to block this lane as Minnesota's lane integrity was awful. 

4th Quarter

Credit Iowa for the perfect play call as this call a hitch route for the outside receiver just as Eric Murray blitzes. Antonio Johnson can't make the play and Iowa gets down to the one yard line. Iowa scores on the next play and they lead 33-21.

I'm just going to leave this here. Lingen gets called for having his hands inside the numbers, elbows in, arms not extended and that's obviously holding on a key fourth down conversion. Thanks B1G refs.

Brandon Lingen finds the soft spot in the zone and Leidner zips it above the Hawkeye defender for the first down. Seems that these two have found something in recent weeks. 

Again, some great execution from the Gophers and a beautiful play design from Matt Limegrover. Minnesota runs a toss sweet and Drew Wolitarsky sells to the Iowa DB that he's coming out to block, hits him with the stutter step and Brooks hits him in stride for the Minnesota touchdown. 

This was ball game. Lynn and Campbell get blocked out of the play, Poock gets bear-hugged and Ayinde can't break down fast enough and Daniels runs for the 51 yard score. 

Cody Poock loves bear hugs and the B1G umpire agrees, so no flag. 

Impressive job by KJ Maye to locate this ball, snatch it out of the air and get his feet down in bounds. Love the effort he's given the Gophers lately. 

Shannon Brooks makes it a one score game with less than 80 seconds left. Just lowers his helmet and gets the ball in. 

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