JUCO DB Kris Weatherspoon is closing in on a decision after his Minnesota visit

JUCO DB Kris Weatherspoon is closing in on a decision after his Minnesota visit and he gives the latest to GopherDigest.

"I had a great time on my Minnesota visit," JUCO DB Kris Weatherspoon said to GopherDigest. "I had a chance to see campus, check out the facilities, watch practice and spend time with the coaches and players. Really enjoyed my time in Minnesota."

The Mississippi safety enjoyed his time watching practice and with the players.

"Probably my two favorite things about the visit was being able to watch practice and spending time with the Gopher players," Weatherspoon explained. "I really liked seeing how Coach Sawvel teaches and coaches the defensive backs and I liked to get to see what the players were like. My host for the visit was safety Damarius Travis and he was a good guy. He was telling me about how they had a lot of injuries this year and how they expect to be competing for a Big Ten championship next year."

The Gopher coaches made sure to let Weatherspoon know he's wanted. 

"I talked a lot with Coach Sawvel and Coach Claeys," Weatherspoon told GopherDigest. "Sawvel was telling me about how they need a safety that can come in and play right away and I'm that guy for him. Coach Claeys and I talked a lot before I left this morning and the message to me was clear. He wants me to a Gopher. Always good to know from both coaches that I'm wanted."

Weatherspoon now has limited time left before he makes his final decision. 

"I think I'm going to be making my decision on Tuesday," Weatherspoon said. "I'm flying home today and have a big final to study for. Tomorrow, I have to take that final and then pack up and head home, so I'll talk with my mom about things tomorrow night and Tuesday and make a decision from there. As of now, I'll be deciding between Minnesota and Cal."

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