DE Taiyon Devers loved his Minnesota visit and decision to commit

DE Taiyon Devers loved his Minnesota visit and decision to commit and talks about it with GopherDigest.

"The visit went well as I obviously committed," Georgia defensive end Taiyon Devers said to GopherDigest. "My favorite parts about the visit were watching practice and going over the film with the coaches. I really enjoy the way they practice as everything is run at a fast pace and intense. That's my type of practice. We were also able to go over the film and they were just going over how the defense is set up and showing me how I'm going to play my position. They want me rushing the edge and they need somebody like me to get to the quarterback."

Devers weekend at Minnesota wasn't complete without a commitment to head coach Tracy Claeys. 

"I decided to commit because I believe Minnesota can lead me to where I want to be," Devers explained. "I told Coach Claeys on Saturday and we talked about it this morning before I left some more and it went well. He still wants me to think about things even though I've already committed to make sure I don't have any regrets. I don't and I'm all set on Minnesota."

The Gophers will have the Georgia lineman signing on Wednesday. 

"Minnesota was the first school to offer me and that meant a lot to me," Devers told GopherDigest. "From seeing everything at school, Minnesota truly is the land of opportunity. If I don't make it to the next level, I'll definitely have something to fall back on career-wise and I really like that. I can't wait to sign on Wednesday."

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