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Gophers OL commit Conner Olson enjoys his Minnesota official visit

Gophers OL commit Conner Olson enjoys his Minnesota official visit and breaks it down with GopherDigest.

"I had a chance to eat a lot of good, meet some more guys and build on some existing relationships," Conner Olson said to GopherDigest. "It was really fun all together. The staff also pulled me aside and took me to the Health Career Center and I got to meet with some staff there about being a pre-med major and I out ate everyone at Fogo. I was the last one to flip the card to red. Proud moment for me."

Olson enjoyed spending time with the Gopher coaches and players. 

"My host for the visit was offensive lineman Nick Connelly and I like him a lot. Matt Kegel was with Bronson, so we were all together for the most part over the weekend. It was good with them and Sam came out on Saturday, so it was the group that I've hung out with a couple of times now. I know Sam the best out of them, but I enjoy hanging with all of them. I only watched some of practice and then we went up to the players lounge/ From what I saw, it looked like college caliber stuff, but it wasn't too unfamiliar. The terms were in a different level, but I'll learn them in time."

Coach Claeys made it known to Olson that he can't wait to get him on campus in the summer. 

"Nothing is too new from the last time I spoke with Coach Claeys. Just the same stuff about how he can't wait to have me there. He said to be patient about the offensive coordinator and offensive line coach search as he's narrowing it down, but didn't go into further detail. For me, the highlight of the visit was Fogo de Chao as I out ate everyone and that was some good food there. I'm up to 286 pounds now. I also talked some with Lloyd (Cushenberry) and he said he liked his visit, but still wants to go on his other officials. He did tell me that he had a special time on his visit though."

Olson has one final statement for Gopher fans.

"This 2016 class is something special and I want fans to keep believing in Coach Claeys."

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