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Butler OL coach Wade Weibert talks about new Minnesota JUCO OL commit Garrison Wright with GopherDigest.

Butler OL coach Wade Weibert talks about what the Gophers are getting in new Minnesota JUCO OL commit Garrison Wright with GopherDigest.


Q: What can you tell me about Garrison as a player and as a person off the field?

Wade Weibert: "Off the field, Garrison is a great kid! He's very soft-spoken but once he gets comfortable is a very fun guy to be around. He was definitely a centerpiece in our meeting room all last spring and this fall. "

Q: What are his strengths as an offensive lineman that will allow him to excel at the next level and what are something's he needs to work on?

WW: "As an offensive lineman he has very quick feet and a very strong punch! He came to Butler CC as a defensive lineman, but once he really bought into the idea of a future on the OL his ability as a player skyrocketed.  He plays with a lot of toughness and grit. He has great instincts on the OL as well, he showed great understanding of where to take a defender so our ball carriers could advance. The things he'll continue to work on under the Minnesota staff will be his base, just able to consistently play with a wider base and keep his pads low."

Q: How is his work ethic?

WW: "He is a total work horse! He has a great work ethic and never showed a desire to complain or give less than his best in workouts and practice. He and our Center had to take 100% of reps all last spring and he did it with a great attitude and wanted to be great."

Q: And what do you think Gopher fans can expect to see out of Garrison these next four-five years at guard?

WW: "Overall I think the Minnesota fans are getting another GREAT Kansas kid. He'll do all of you very proud and he'll be a lot of fun to watch as he is a great athlete and I believe fits the "Big 10 O-Lineman" mold. "

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