Gophers sign 7 mid-year prospects for 2016

Minnesota signed seven recruits today that will be eligible for spring ball in 2016.

Seth Green

Scout evaluation

"Green will be playing his senior year at super power Allen High in Texas after playing in Minnesota. It will be interesting to see how his game translates as the school seems to run a similar offense as to what he will play in college. He has good size. Works well outside of the pocket. "


  • Running Ability / Mobility
  • Size

Areas to Improve

  • Accuracy
  • Consistency
  • Technique

Vincent Calhoun

Scout evaluation

"There's a lot to like about Calhoun. His body type is perfect for the interior part of the offensive line. He's a wide-bodied player that leans a lot on his strength and power, but his handwork is a big asset to his game. His punch is outstanding and completely takes his opposition out of the play. His film shows him knocking defensive ends to the ground with just initial contact."

Garrison Wright

On why he wanted to be a Gopher

"I decided on Minnesota over TCU because of Coach Claeys and the rest of the Minnesota staff," New JUCO offensive line commit Garrison Wright said to GopherDigest. "They're just a bunch of great guys at Minnesota and what they have there among one another is tough to beat. I really got along well and players and coaches there and I had all my remaining questions answered when Coach Claeys came down earlier last week."

Taiyon Devers

On why he wanted to be a Gopher

"I decided to commit because I believe Minnesota can lead me to where I want to be," Devers explained. "I told Coach Claeys on Saturday and we talked about it this morning before I left some more and it went well. He still wants me to think about things even though I've already committed to make sure I don't have any regrets. I don't and I'm all set on Minnesota."

Merrick Jackson

On why he wanted to be a Gopher

"Overall, the biggest reason why I decided on Minnesota was because I felt more comfortable with their players on my visit," Jackson explained to GopherDigest. "I felt like I could go to either Minnesota or Iowa State and be successful, but how I felt while on my visit to Minnesota is what I keep coming back to and that's why I chose Minnesota. The players there just gave me a good vibe and some I've known and the other ones I met all seemed like good people."

"When I called Coach Claeys to tell him that I wanted to commit, he kept saying how happy he was," Jackson told GopherDigest. "He said that I was his first commit since he's really taken over as head coach and that my commitment was really an early Christmas present for him. That made me feel sensational to hear. Minnesota is planning on using me to my strengths as they don't have a guy with my kind of size there. I'm as cool as a cucumber about that."

Thomas Barber

HS coach evaluation

"Thomas is a, he’s just an unbelievable kid to be honest with you,” Negen said. “He’s a great football player – he’s one of the best players I’ve ever coached – but he’s also a phenomenal kid. He’s a great student, a leader in our school, just a great character guy, and so he’s kind of the guy we count on and the guy the kids look up to. Just by the way he handles himself everywhere he goes.”

Elijah Battle

Scout evaluation

"Battle is a long, quick cornerback that has flown a bit under the radar. He has a great body type for the position at 6-foot and 180 pounds, but he plays bigger than that. He's not afraid to stick his nose in the muck to help out in run support, and he's very solid in coverage. Battle has 4.4 speed, but not elite in his hip turn, though well above average. He has strong closing speed."

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