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Central Michigan vs. Minnesota breakdown: Quick Lane Bowl Victory GIF's

GopherDigest breaks down Minnesota's victory over Central Michigan in the Quick Lane Bowl by taking a look at the key plays that lead Minnesota to their sixth win of the season.

1st quarter

Smith bursts out the gate

Gophers run some power to start the game and LG Jon Christenson and RT Jonah Pirsig are able to give Rodney Smith a big enough crease for nice little 35+ yard scamper on first down. 

What could have been

Gophers go play action on first down and quarterback Mitch Leidner may have delivered his best deep ball of the 2015 season as he hits WR Drew Wolitarsky in stride 50 yards down field, but Wolitarsky can't hang on. You have to believe that Wolitarsky would have scored on this play. 

2nd quarter

Brooks breaks it again

Gophers get three great blocks from Rodney Smith, Brandon Lingen and Nate Wozniak as all three win their one on one battles to spring Shannon Brooks on the jet sweep pass. Love the creative play call from interim OC Rob Reeves. 

Maye has a record setting day 

Gophers WR KJ Maye set a single season record for all senior pass catchers against Central Michigan and ended up with eight catches on the day, including this second quarter touchdown. Leidner makes a perfect throw into tight coverage and Maye absorbs the contact to hang on for the score. 

Brooks does it again

Minnesota runs power again and Jon Christenson is able to meet the linebacker in the hole and Brooks jump cuts to the outside for the big gain. Also, credit to center Tyler Moore with the pancake and Brooks finishes the run with some physicality. 

Boddy-Calhoun with the near INT

You don't see Gophers senior corner Briean Boddy-Calhoun miss opportunities like this much during his Minnesota career. Boddy-Calhoun reads the route and doesn't even have to flip his hips and goes to high point the ball and just has the ball hit him in his hands. Lucky for him, he was able to redeem himself later in the game. 

Leidner's deep ball is money

Another beauty of a ball from Leidner here as he was money yesterday when he got his footwork set. He hits Wolitarsky in stride here 40 yards down field with a defender all over him. If Leidner can carry over this momentum into the off-season, he could have a big senior year. 

Huff brings the edge rush once again

Not everyday you see both tackles pull on a running play, but that doesn't deter true freshman rush defensive end Julian Huff from making the play in the backfield. Huff's got a special burst off the line of scrimmage and isn't afraid of contact. 

Lynn doesn't like those screens

This is a text book read from Minnesota linebacker Jack Lynn as he sees the lineman release and gets on top of the running back before he can do anything further and plants him into the ground for the TFL. 

4th quarter

Leidner makes the correct choice

QB Mitch Leidner continues here on his career day, but making the correct call here on the read option. The Chippewa defenders focus on stopping RB Shannon Brooks and center Tyler Moore is able to get to the second level for the seal and Leidner heads into the end-zone for the 13 yard touchdown late in the 4th quarter to put Minnesota ahead by five. 

Leidner to Maye, part two

For most Gopher fans, Mitch Leidner and the word "elusive", don't always go in the same sentence, but Leidner is trying to make you a believer. Leidner side-steps the pressure and regains his composure, gets his footwork right and hits KJ Maye in the back of the end-zone for the two point conversion.

Boddy-Calhoun ends his career as he started it


Gophers DE Julian Huff is able to turn the corner and just gets CMU QB Cooper Rush by his ankles forcing a bad pass and who else would be there to seal the game for Minnesota than senior corner Briean Boddy-Calhoun. Calhoun had a pick-six in his first start for Minnesota and it's only fitting that he ends his career with a key interception to give the Gophers the victory. 

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