After a Minnesota official visit this past weekend, Tyrez Lindsey has a tough decision to make

After a Minnesota official visit this past weekend, Memphis safety commit Tyrez Lindsey has a tough decision to make. GopherDigest spoke with Lindsey about his Gopher official visit.

"The visit to Minnesota went great and I had a good time," Tyrez Lindsey said to GopherDigest. "My favorite part of the visit was the academic part this morning and I had a great visit was an advisor in the science building. She answered a lot of questions I've been fuzzy on as I want to major in Biology or Genetics. Their academics are amazing. They are ranked nationally is so many categories and that means somthing to me."

Talking with the players and coaches was another highlight for Lindsey. 

"My host for the visit was Damarius Travis and I liked him a lot," Lindsey explained to GopherDigest. "He was just telling me how it is leaving home to succeed and I get what he means. We talked with Coach Claeys on Sunday and he just welcomed me to Minnesota and gave me a rundown on what my visit. I also talked a lot with Coach Sawvel and his message to my mother and I was that Minnesota is a great opportunity, but he isn't forcing or tricking me into committing to them. It's up to me and he'll respect whatever decision I make. I also thought the campus was pretty big, which is expected as it's apart of a major University, so I don't have a problem with it. My mom was impressed by Minnesota as well."

Expect a final decision to come soon for the Alabama safety.

"I'm feeling great about Minnesota and I'll make a final decision whenever it feels right. It'll be sometime this week."

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