Minnesota is the first offer for 2017 Iowa defensive end Levi Duwa

Minnesota became the first school to offer for 2017 Iowa defensive end Levi Duwa Thursday night and he spoke with GopherDigest about the new offer.


"Minnesota offered me tonight," Iowa defensive end Levi Duwa said to GopherDigest Thursday night. "Coach Miller and I spoke on the phone and the Gophers offered me at defensive end. He just said all of the coaches are excited to get me up there, and he asked me a little bit about myself then he said a little bit himself and just explained some stuff about the offer. He said I will be a perfect fit for their style of defense at defensive end. I think Minnesota is an amazing first offer to get. I don't know a whole lot about Minnesota as of right now, so I need to do some research, but having my first offer be from a very good program in the Big Ten is huge."

Duwa definitely wants to setup a visit to the Twin Cities now after the offer.

"Yeah I'm going to go up and visit Minnesota for sure, I'm not sure when though, I need to set up a time," Duwa told GopherDigest. "I know that Ko Kieft signed with Minnesota and I just wrestled him at the state tournament, but I haven't really talked to him. The only visits I have setup right now are to Northern Illinois on March 4th for their junior day and Eastern Michigan on March 12th."

Gophers will remain in it for the Iowa defensive end until the very end. 

"I'm not for sure where Minnesota would be on my list right now as I don't really have a single favorite at this point. I think once I go on some visits at other colleges and get some other offers, I will be able to kind of narrow it down. I'll definitely be visiting Minnesota in the coming months though."

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