GopherDigest's Spring Spotlight: Colton Beebe

With the Gophers starting spring ball, GopherDigest takes a look at some current players that could have breakout spring for Minnesota and we now spotlight freshman tight end Colton Beebe.

Another guy on offense that could be primed to have a huge spring for Minnesota with both fullback Miles Thomas and tight end Lincoln Plsek graduating from the program and upperclassman Duke Anyanwu recovering from another knee surgery, is redshirt freshman Colton Beebe.

The Kansas City native is primed to step into a big role right away from tight ends coach Rob Reeves as Beebe is close to 265 lbs right now and is athletic enough to be a threat in the passing game and is a physical player where he's not afraid to be a mauler in the trenches. GopherDigest is well-aware of how high head coach Tracy Claeys and tight ends coach Rob Reeves are on Beebe's game, and it's time for Beebe to take advantage of the grand opportunity ahead of him this spring to make waves at the H / tight end position. 

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