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Florida offensive lineman Nick Brahms receives his first Big Ten offer from Minnesota

Florida offensive lineman Nick Brahms received his first Big Ten offer from Minnesota last night and he spoke with GopherDigest about the Gophers.

"Coach Miller is the Minnesota coach that offered," Florida offensive lineman Nick Brahms told GopherDigest. "He told me that he really liked my film and the way I played. They haven't offered many others offensive linemen, so it's an honor to receive an offer from them. He's looking to have me at center or guard if I choose to get there. He asked about my ACT score and GPA and stuff like that. I've got a couple of Ivy offers and I'm really looking to use football as a way to get a great education at a prestigious University. Football has opened doors for me that I may never had the opportunities I have without it."

Brahms knows a few different things about the Golden Gophers. 

"I know it's a very large school and it's a great academic school," Brahms explained. "They play good football up there and they'll definitely be high on my list. My interest level now with the offer is pretty high up there. The only problem is it's far away, but I think think that'd be a huge problem though. I'm going to keep learning more about Minnesota and and come do a camp up there this summer most likely. I really like it so far with Coach Miller. He kept everything straight forward with me and told me how it was. I really like that from coaches. I think me and him really connected."

The Florida offensive lineman has some spring visits upcoming. 

"I'll be visiting Yale on April 23rd, Virginia on April 2nd, and I already visited Mississippi State and Auburn. I'll visit Miami and FAU around March 23rd / 24th and I'm still looking for a good date to go visit Duke. I'm just going to make a decision whenever it feels right. I'm going to go see these schools that I'm interested in and get together with my family and maybe make one early enough so I can start early in the program after first semester of senior year."

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