Illinois offensive lineman Isaac Hawn is very impressed with the Gophers following his visit Tuesday.

Illinois offensive lineman Isaac Hawn was very impressed with the Gophers following his visit Tuesday, and he spoke with GopherDigest to recap the visit.

"We had a tour of the stadium, boxes, and their enormous locker room," Illinois three-star offensive lineman Isaac Hawn said to GopherDigest on Wednesday. "Time was mostly spent watching practice and it was a great day overall. I loved meeting all the coaches, especially the offensive line coach, Bart Miller. The stadium is amazing and the practice and weight room are impressive as they are. I can't imagine how great the new facilities will be. I really didn't get to see campus too much when I was there, but I'm planning on coming back up in a few weeks for another campus visit."

Hawn enjoyed his time at the Gophers spring practice. 

"The guys were very checked in and it was an extremely efficient practice. I learned a lot and it was hard hitting," Hawn explained to GopherDigest. "I really liked how Coach Miller coaches as he's a great teacher. I enjoyed watching the offensive line work out. I talked a lot with Coach Miller before and after practice, plus I also talked with Coach Grimes, the assistant OL coach and I was able to meet Coach Claeys as well, which was awesome. Coach Miller and I mostly we talked about the practice and the work the offensive line is putting in. We talked about my next visit as well coming up in a few weeks. He really likes my size too as I'm 6'6" and a lean 290 now. It was also great to meet Coach Grimes as we just talked a lot about my impressions of the practice. I really liked watching him coach and teach as well. It was great to meet Coach Claeys too and he thanked me for coming up and a lot about how practice went. Overall, Minnesota was a really good visit. Appreciated the hospitality and am really impressed with Minnesota football!"

Gophers are now sitting in a pretty good place for the Illinois offensive lineman. 

"My initial impression after one visit is that I'm very impressed with Minnesota football and very interested," Hawn told GopherDigest. "My dad is a big Vikings fan so really enjoyed getting back to Minneapolis. He enjoyed meeting Coach Miller as well and was impressed with everything that Minnesota has to offer from both football and academically. We're still looking at our schedule for the next Minnesota visit, and there are no specific dates yet, but it'll definitely in the next couple of weeks. I'd love the opportunity to play in the Big Ten at a great school like Minnesota. I think it's a great football program and I believe I could contribute there. I'm heading to North Carolina right now for a visit to NC State tomorrow and Duke on Friday."

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