Eden Prairie offensive lineman JJ Drew visits the Minnesota Golden Gophers

Eden Prairie offensive lineman JJ Drew visited the Minnesota Golden Gophers on Saturday and recapped the visit with GopherDigest.


"I got a good background on some of the coaches, toured the weight room, toured the equipment room, saw the players lounge and nutritionist, got to hear Coach Claeys talk, then watched practice and met Coach Miller after," Eden Prairie offensive lineman J.J. Drew said to GopherDigest. "Their facilities at Minnesota are amazing. The best part is that the new facilities in 18 months are going be the best in the nation, so I was very, very impressed."

Drew also spoke some with the Gophers coaches. 

"I was able to talk some with Coach Glasscock, Miller and Claeys," Drew explained. "Coach Glasscock showed us around the facilities and I didn't necessarily get a chance to speak to him 1 on 1. Coach Miller did say to Eric Rousemiller and me that we are welcome back at anytime though. Coach Miller also told us how he is really impressed with the two of us and would like us to go to the camps this summer. Ididn't get a chance to talk to Claeys 1 on 1, but in his brief talk to the recruits, he was just really happy that we all made it out and how lucky we are to have a chance to visit the University."

A potential Gopher offer would be a game changer for the Eden Prairie offensive lineman. 

"It'd be a dream come true," Drew said about a potential Minnesota offer. "I honestly couldn't imagine the feeling I would get if I got one. It would mean so much, especially coming from my hometown B1G school. Carter Coughlin is a really good friend of mine, a guy I can always go to and trust. I talked with him a lot on Saturday at the practice. We just talked about what the new facilities are going to be like and just talked about how it's a dream to play at Minnesota."

Drew will be back to Minnesota soon to try and earn that Gopher offer. 

"I have nothing setup with Minnesota as of now, but I'm heading down to Wisconsin with my teammate Kyle Connelly at some point this spring. Other than that, nothing planned for other visits. I'll be camping with the Badgers on June 4th and the Gophers on June 12th."

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