Iowa defensive end Levi Duwa is excited to start his weekend Minnesota unofficial overnight visit

Iowa defensive end Levi Duwa is excited to start his weekend Minnesota unofficial overnight visit and he previews the visit with GopherDigest.

"I've talked with Minnesota a little bit this week," Iowa defensive end Levi Duwa said to GopherDigest. "We just planned out what all is going to happen. I'm going up on Friday around one and we are going to talk about academics and stuff, then we are going to go on a tour of everything. Then we're just going to hang out the rest of the night and I'm going to stay overnight with one of the players. I'll then just watch practice on Saturday and that'll be the visit."

Duwa is looking forward to visiting Minnesota for the first time. 

"I think I'm looking forward to just seeing what Minnesota is all about," Duwa explained to GopherDigest. "I haven't been up there yet, so I think it is going to be a great experience and a great time. My mom and dad will be coming with as well, so we're all excited to see the Twin Cities."

The Iowa defensive end has been busy with visits of late. 

"I've visited Eastern Michigan, Northern Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota this weekend and then Northern Iowa on the 23rd of April," Duwa told GopherDigest. "I liked Eastern Michigan a lot. The coaching staff there was great and it was great to get an offer from them. The staff there was just telling me what I'm a heck of a player and they love how I play and that I could help them do special things there. Iowa has just been telling me to keep working hard and doing what I'm doing and everything will work out."

The Gophers have a chance to make a move for Duwa this weekend. 

"I'm not quite sure where Minnesota is on my list right now since I haven't been up there yet, but after this weekend I think that will change as this visit will help me a lot. I haven't decided which camped I'll be attending yet as well. I'm trying to figure out which schools I'm really interested in, then I'll go to those camps."

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